Day 23…Project Smile…

A few years ago, Project Smile founder Catherine Pisacane read an article about three brothers in NJ who had been starved by their adoptive parents.  When the police were taking the kids out of the house, an officer handed one of the boys a stuffed animal he happened to have in his cruiser.  The boy hugged the toy tightly throughout the day and refused to let it go.  That story gave Catherine an idea.  What if every police officer, firefighter and paramedic had something they could give to a hurting child to help that child feel a little less scared?  And Project Smile was born.

Project Smile also recently expanded their program to include Operation Elder Care…which provides stuffed animals to elderly people making the transition to living in a nursing home.  They currently operate in Massachusetts, but hope to eventually take their mission nationwide.  With our help, they can.

Go to the Project Smile website now and make a donation.  You can choose what you’d like to donate from their catalog.  For as little as $1.99, you can give a stuffed animal to a police officer to make a traumatic event a little less scary for a child.  It’s a really great organization doing really wonderful work.  Please consider making a donation today.

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