Day 20…Feeding America…

Well…I knew the day would come that I would totally blow this thing and I wouldn’t get a post written.  Today was that day.  Between getting home late last night and being completely slammed at work today, I didn’t have any time to get anything written.  But I’m here now and late is better than never.

I had a lunch meeting today where I had to do most of the talking.  I felt uncomfortable eating while people were listening to me speak, so I didn’t eat lunch.  All the way home I was starving, but I knew once I got there I would find a fully stocked refrigerator and I would have plenty to choose from for dinner.  But over 50 million people are going home tonight to an empty fridge with no idea where their next meal is coming from.  One out of five children in this country live in households without access to nutritious and adequate amounts of food.

Feeding America is trying to change that.   As the nation’s leading hunger-relief charity, their food bank network members supply food to more than 37 million Americans each year…including 14 million children.  They work to ensure that no child ever goes hungry and that their member food banks are always well stocked to help those in need.  They also help to educate families and make sure that children and adults are getting proper nutrition.

I could sit here all night giving you statistics and facts about hunger, but I could never do as good a job as the Feeding America website.  So go take their quiz to see how much you actually know about the hunger problems in this country.  Or read the statistics about hunger and poverty.  The amount of people in this country that go without food on a regular basis is staggering.

No one should have to go to bed hungry at night or wonder about where their child’s next meal is coming from.

Go read the website…than check out their gift catalog.  Through the catalog, you can make a donation in the name of someone on your gift list while you are providing the gift of healthy, nutritious food to families in need.  If you came home to a full fridge and plenty of options for dinner like I did, please consider those who didn’t and make a donation.

And I promise…tomorrow I will do a better job of getting the post up early!



  1. I applaud you for committing to posting about an organization each and every day of December. I have a hard enough time doing those photo-a-day challenges, let alone actually writing all that you do about these organizations. So applause for you. You deserve it!

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