Day 12…The Robin Hood Relief Fund…

I’ve talked about Hurricane Sandy a lot since it happened and when I decided to do this month of giving, I knew that Sandy relief had to be included on the list.  I just wasn’t really sure which organization I wanted to choose.  I wanted to make sure that any money donated would go to directly help the people who needed it most.  When I heard that Robin Hood had started a Sandy relief fund my choice became easy.

Robin Hood is a fantastic organization that was started by a hedge fund manager in 1988 with the goal of fighting poverty in New York City.  Through the use of grants, they fund about 200 of the most effective poverty fighting and relief programs in the city.  Since they were founded, they have handed out over $1.1 billion dollars in grant money.  Here’s the really great part…the board of directors funds all administrative and fund-raising efforts…and 100% of all other donations go directly to helping New Yorkers in need. (Check out the financials here.)  They also work with their partner programs to make them more efficient…which means your donated dollars will ultimately go farther.  It is truly a great organization.

After Hurricane Sandy, Robin Hood launched a large-scale relief effort.  Within hours, their partner organizations were bringing in generators, heaters, blankets, food and other supplies to the areas hardest hit by the storm.  Robin Hood provided over $14 million in grants to help solve the immediate needs of the storm victims.  They’ve helped a lot of people, but the need for continued, long-term help is still there…especially with housing and legal assistance to people fighting their insurance companies.

Tonight, Robin Hood is hosting The 12.12.12 Concert…a benefit concert with performances by Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel and The Rolling Stones among others.  The proceeds from every ticket sold will go directly to the relief fund.  The concert will also be available online and on TV…so even if you can’t be there, you can still enjoy the show.  And while you are enjoying the show…think of the people who are facing Christmas in a shelter, whose possessions have been destroyed, who have lost everything…and consider making a donation to help in their recovery.

If you’d like to see your dollars in action, visit the Robin Hood website to which programs they are funding.

I thank you on behalf of everyone I know who was affected by Sandy and everyone I know who will benefit from the work of the Robin Hood Relief Fund.

Oh…and enjoy the concert!


  1. The show was AMAZING! I’m so happy for DVR, I went to bed after The Who but I will be watching the rest tonight. Ugh… Eddie Vedder did amazing and from what each host talked about they raised a TON of money!

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