Day 4…Project Night Night…

When I was a kid, I slept with a doll or a stuff animal every night.  I didn’t necessarily have a favorite…I kind of rotated through them.  But for a long time I was convinced that monsters lived under the bed and would eat my feet if they should happen to accidentally peek out from under the blankets.  Sleeping with a stuffed animal or doll made me feel a little less scared of those monsters.

Now…I had this fear despite the fact that I slept in my own bed every night, in my own house, with my parents and brother and grandparents right down the hall.  If I was scared with all of that, how must homeless kids feel?  They don’t have a bed of their own or stuffed animals to help them be less afraid at night.

That’s where Project Night Night comes in…


Project Night Night is an organization that distributes care packages to homeless children…free of charge.  Each package is a canvas tote bag filled with a book, a blanket and a stuffed animal.  They donate over 25,000 each year to homeless children.   The books encourage reading and the blankets and stuffed animals can be cuddled and provide a feeling of security.

Recently, Project Night Night donated 1,000 packages to children who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  But they still need 1,000 more to make sure every child on their list receives a package by Christmas.

It’s really easy to donate.  For only $20, you can sponsor a package.  You can sponsor them in your own name…or as gifts in the name of the people on your Christmas list.  I wish I could donate all 1,000 packages to ensure that every kid gets something for Christmas…but I can’t.  I was only able to donate a couple.  So I’m asking for all your help.  Stop by Project Night Night and sponsor a package.  Help kids who have nothing have a happy holiday.


  1. This is my favorite so far. I had three blankies growing up, and still have them. It made me all teary-eyed thinking about a child that has no security at night. :( How terribly sad.

  2. I agree with Kallay. This is my favorite. I still have my little stuffed giraffe from when I was a baby and Betty sleeps with a blankie every night. I cried reading the website. I’d like to do this with my next paycheck.

  3. This is such a great idea.
    Its amazing how something so seemingly simple can make a world of difference to a child who has nothing.

  4. So sorry for the late response. Just came across your blog post. Thank you for including us as Day 4! Always appreciate the support and partnership year round.

    -Jessica Bryan
    Deputy Director, Project Night Night

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