A few thoughts on the election…

On Election Day, I woke up at 3AM, grabbed my suitcase and headed to the airport.  It was the first time since I turned 18, that I didn’t head to the nearest polling place to cast my ballot.  When I booked the trip to Mexico, I didn’t realize that we were leaving on Election Day.  Luckily, my mom realize it in time and I was able to get an absentee ballot in.

It was a strange experience not to sit in front of the television waiting for the election results to come in…but we were out for a while and then we were, well, too drunk to really pay much attention.  However, I woke up around 2AM and found out the results.

While I was happy with the outcome, I was happiest that the election was over.  Maybe I’m not remembering clearly, but I feel like this was the most polarizing election that I have been through.  And people didn’t seem shy this year to give you their opinions…often loudly and generally unsolicited.  J and I had differing opinions and there were some loud arguments…especially when we had no power and nothing else do to.  Even at work…a place where people normally shy away from discussing issues like politics…the candidates were often discussed and debated.  I enjoy discussing politics…but not with my boss when we are on opposite sides of the issues and I have to fight with every fiber of my being not to call his candidate a moron.

My greatest hope now that the election is over, is that our leaders can put the past behind them and learn how to work together to overcome differences and move the country in a new and better direction.  Mr. President, you got the second chance you asked for…you have four more years to finish what you started.  Now go learn how to play nice and get your job done.  We’re all counting on you.


  1. I feel the same way you do about this election – wow it was a doozy. Or maybe it’s just because we are older and feel more passionately ourselves? Not sure. All of my friends voted differently than I did – so I had to deal with their constant FB feeds and emails ugh SO annoying!

    My first time voting I did absentee – I was going to Costa Rica. I can clearly remember, being drunk watching the election footage unfold in a different country. I was so excited that I voted… not really pleased with the outcome of that election though… but it’s neither here nor there it was nice to be in a different place after it all happened.

    Trust me being home right after they made the final count and made it so , wasn’t any better than when it was happening…

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