The Bet, Part 2…

I went to the doctor last week for a physical and I was dreading it.  I don’t like needles and having my blood taken, but it was more than that.  I was dreading what I was going to hear.

Remember all that weight I lost last year?  Well, I took a break from my diet…and I gained the weight back.  Up until now, I’ve been lucky and I’ve gotten away with what is really a very unhealthy lifestyle.  I don’t exercise and I don’t make good food choices…and I’m getting older.  I knew my luck wouldn’t hold out forever.  I also had a feeling that something was wrong.  I haven’t been feeling great lately and I’ve been way more tired than usual.  I was worried that it was something serious.

So I braced myself and I headed off to the doctor.  I cringed as I got on the scale, but I got really upset when she took my blood pressure and it was slightly elevated.  My blood pressure is NEVER elevated.  My resting heart rate was also on the high side.  But the really bad news came a few days later.  My insulin level, which is supposed to be under 25…was 37.  Yeah…I know.  This news wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but it wasn’t great.

High insulin can lead to heart disease, heart attack, stroke and diabetes.  It can also make it very difficult to lose weight.  The more weight you gain, the more insulin your body produces and the harder it is to lose weight.  It’s basically a vicious cycle.  But at least I can do something to fix this…and I’m determined to do it before it’s too late.

I had already scheduled an appointment at Jenny Craig and I went straight there from the doctor’s office.  But the doctor felt that I’d also really benefit from medication.  I usually avoid medication as much as possible, but in this case, I agreed she was right.   So I started the medication this week…and I vowed to get off it as soon as possible.

I was discussing all of this with Allyson and during that conversation The Bet, Part 2 was born.  (Remember The Bet, Part 1?)  You see…Allyson also gained back some of the weight she lost last year.  Of course…her weight gain was for a much better reason and she already lost 8lbs all at once when she had Everett.  But she has a little more baby weight that she’d like to get rid of.  We’re both so insanely competitive that our original bet was huge motivation for us.  We thought maybe we could do it again.

The terms of the last bet were that the loser had to buy the winner dinner at the restaurant of the winner’s choice.  However, we realized that using food as a reward for weight loss was kind of defeating the purpose.  So this time we came up with new terms.  Our bet runs from now until Christmas and this time, the loser has to buy the winner a new pair of jeans in the winner’s new…smaller…size!

It’s been a rough weekend.  I spent a lot of time in the house and I’m totally stressed about today’s tax deadline…so all I’ve wanted to do was eat.  Luckily, the bet is already working and I keep reminding myself to put down the cookies and eat the fruit instead.  So far, so good.  Last week’s weight loss was 2.6 pounds.  I’m looking forward to getting on the scale this week.

This time, I’m not stopping until I get to my goal and I’m determined that those new jeans will be mine.  It’s on, Miller!!!


  1. Aww, I’m sorry the appointment didn’t go well, but good for you for finding the motivation you needed to get back on track!

  2. Well it’s always good to have motivation. I think the jeans idea is an awesome prize for the winner.

  3. You are awesome, Shana. If anyone has the motivation, the passion, and the drive to reach this goal it’s you. And Ally. I can’t pick one over the awesome, because I think you’re phenomenal. BUT what a wonderful inspiring way to stay healthy! Love the “buy the winner a new pair of jeans” idea :) You girls ROCK!!! XOXO

  4. If anyone can do this – it’s the two of you. You’re both very inspiring. I’m so sorry for your news at the doctor BUT I’m excited to see that you’re taking the bull by the horns and doing what you can. I too need to do this… especially the doctor. I KNOW, I KNOW you’ve been harping me and I am taking it seriously now after reading this.

    I need a physical ASAP!

    I’m here rooting for you ladies and I will be doing the same in spirit!!! Can’t wait to see who wins the jeans and which fab style you gals pick!

  5. This is awesome! I can’t wait to see how you girls do! Last time, you rocked it! I’m sorry to hear about the doctor’s report, but I can tell you healthy eating really does do wonders for your blood pressure and insulin levels. I have complete faith that you’ll be healthier than ever, come December! Good luck!

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