1. I told the Boy that we should both hyphenate. Equal. You take me and my family and I take you and yours. He didn’t go for it. Then we had shenanigans at customs the last couple of times we traveled because there is another boy with the same name and birthday on the no fly list. Which meant for super huge cutoms issues and almost missing our flight. I thought the perfect solution was changing his name to mine. He didn’t go for it and instead we now have to go to the airport 5 hours early.

    Also, HOW BIG IS THAT SPIDER!?! It looks like it’s the size of your credit card. I am requesting that the next time you post a giant spider picture there is some kind of scale involved. Either way I would have freaked out.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Are we sure that spiders aren’t just aliens invading our planet? In my old place it was so bad I finally asked my landlord to spray in June (I was killing 2 to 3 spiders a day and my place was TINY). When I moved out a couple weeks ago, it was like a spider graveyard behind furniture pieces I hadn’t moved since spring cleaning. I almost vomited on the spot. However, that guy above? Not ok!!!! I’m impressed you were able to get that close to him. He looks like he could eat any person alive!

  3. Holy balls that spider is scary. I hope it dies in the winter.

    Hmmm, last names. I have some opinions about this, which I usually keep secret. I’ve always wanted to take my husband’s last name. I’m a traditional girl, and having a difficult polish maiden name only fueled the desire. I just don’t agree with the argument that taking a man’s last name is giving up your identity as a woman. I just don’t. To me, it’s important for spouses to have the same last name, it’s simply my ideal. I don’t care who’s last name they take. Having been in the wedding planning community on The Knot, I saw many solutions and even arguments for couples using HER last name – the husband had a difficult family life or no real ties to his father, where the name came from. One of the coolest solutions I saw was a couple who took a shared last name with both surnames. He was (names have been changed to protect the innocent) John Lee and she was Mary James and they became the James Lees. I think it shows unity, and it worked for them – she wanted to keep her name but wanted their kids to have her name as well, but he wasn’t willing to give up his. It’s not something I would do, but I prefer it over spouses having different last names and one potentially not sharing their name with the kids.

  4. I think those bad-day blues are probably mostly perspective but I know for me at least, once my day has started out crappy, it’s hard for me to just readjust to a happy mood. It’s easier said than done.

    I think it’s sweet that you send out Christmas cards and if I got one that was personally written, I’d definitely appreciate it. Especially nowadays when no one gets actual physical mail from people they know.

    My favorite musician in the whole word, Jack White of The White Stripes, took his wife’s last name. White was her last name.

    I would just like to say thank you for mentioning “Eight Legged Freaks.” LOL. Just a week or two ago, I randomly remembered that awful movie and had the urge to watch it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t one of Netflix’s instant options; I checked.

  5. I think a printed signature on a Christmas card is a cop-out, especially if they use address labels on the envelope, too. It just says: I’m too busy to genuinely wish you a Merry Happy Whatever, ya know?

    That said, I’m usually scattered when it comes to holiday cards and usually forget, so getting any card is cool. Grain of salt.

    And holy cats that spider is huge! It would have been tough not to scream in front of all sorts of strangers. Hell, I nearly wrecked the car last week when a little baby lizard decided to hitch a ride, and they don’t even bite!

  6. spiders, Christmas cards and bad days – OH MY!

    Ok… I am the spider killer in my house. Mike is like deathly fearful of them. That spider freaks me right the hell out – HOLY SHIT! (Note: Mike’s fear came from watching that movie).

    I say get some cute cards made up for Christmas of your pups – go to Snapfish – get them printed with a greeting signed from you, J and the pups and be done with it. Everyone has a lot to do around the holidays and I’m like you – I like to write stuff on the cards but with the economy, and everyone rushing – people that actually send cards at all are the best! So I say go for it. Spend more time thinking of thoughtful gifts :)

    when I have one thing go wrong the rest of the day goes in the same direction. you’re not alone at all!

  7. I do not like spiders. There was a giant one just sitting on the outside of one of my windows recently and I stared at it all day hoping it would eventually just go away (and not come in my house). I love when I get a Christmas card that actually has something personal written in it. And that doesn’t happen much.

  8. GAH!!! That image will haunt me for the rest of the day. THANKS :p

    Also, I need to see this bit about adult diapers. I always did have a crush on Jay Mohr. Not sure how I feel about the guy taking on the girl’s last name, I mean… I think it’s a really sweet gesture, but maybe I’m just old-fashioned in this case. What I really hate are the long hyphenated names. Or mashing up the two. The hell?

    I don’t think you’re old fashioned at all. I’ve always preferred a personal greeting myself.

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