Perfectly Relaxing…

The summer was crazy and now it’s over.  Work was really busy during a time when it’s usually slow.  And all my down time was packed with things to do and places to go and stuff I needed to get done.  I feel like the summer was just a series of appointments and to-do lists.

We have a huge and amazing backyard in CT and, except for a few random hours mowing the lawn, I didn’t even spend any time out there.  When I did have a free day here and there, I spent it sitting in the den in my pajamas with the drapes closed, staring mindlessly at the television…too tired to actually do anything else.

Well…I decided that had to change.  The next few weeks at work are only going to get worse as we get closer to our deadline…so I decided that this weekend I was going to really relax.  It was great.

One of the items on my 101 list is “Spend a day lying in a hammock, reading”.  I figured this was the perfect weekend for that.  The only unfortunate thing is that we don’t have a hammock…and those things are super expensive.  I kind of thought because it was the end of the summer, they would be on sale.  But no.  The one place I could even find a hammock in stock, it was $350.  That was out of the question.

Instead, I bought this lovely lounge chair on clearance at Target.


My “hammock” and a blanket for the girls…

It was a great stand in for a hammock.  So on Sunday, I woke up, ate a little breakfast and headed outside with the dogs and a book.  The dogs ran around and I played ball with them for a while.  Then they laid on their blanket and I laid in my chair and I read a book.  A whole book!  I haven’t done that in the longest time and it was awesome.

The weather was perfect…sunny, but not too hot with a light breeze blowing.  It was so nice and exactly what I needed.  For the first time all summer, I managed to relax and really enjoy my day.


Sadie preferred laying in the grass…


Sofie spent a lot of time running after butterflies and ants…


My view while laying back in my chair…

The dogs had a great time too.  They fell asleep the second we went back inside and they didn’t get up until the next morning.


  1. Glad you were able to steal some time for you this weekend! And that lounger looks a heckuva lot easier to maneuver than a hammock :)

  2. I had a similar weekend. We didn’t do much at all. I napped every day and I finished reading my book. It was a perfect nice and relaxing weekend. I really need to have more weekends like that. And today, I don’t even feel like a grumpy pile of doo-doo at work. In fact, I’m okay with being at work today. I feel well rested and I’m in a pretty decent mood. All thanks to my relaxing weekend. Yay!

  3. BLISS! I love days like this and they come too few and far between around these parts. Our plan this past weekend was to take our beach chairs (low sitting) and a cooler, grab the dog and head to the creek. Sit in the middle w/ our chairs and beers and let June run around on her long leash and play in the creek (or lay and drink water which is what she usually does). Mother nature had another plan and dumped TONS of rain on our parade. But, I did get to sit back, watch mindless TV, catch up on rest and relax. Work has been insane for me too, I guess we should just be happy we are working our fingers to the bone – but even happier we get to relax :)

  4. That sounds absolutely lovely. You NEED days like this. Awwww, how cute are your pups!? Squeeeee!!!


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