What Steven Tyler taught me…

Here’s a short list of what I learned when Mom and I went to see Aerosmith in concert the other night…

  • Steven Tyler might be a little sexy.  I’ve never found him particularly attractive…but he does have a bit of a sexy-ugly thing going on.  Of course, I feel the same way about Kid Rock and John Malkovich…so maybe my taste in men is a little off.
  • Steven Tyler, at the age of 64, has more energy than I do at the age of 36.  Seriously…I was exhausted just watching him run around the stage.
  • It is possible to do so many drugs that you can fall asleep during an extremely loud rock concert.  The woman across the aisle from us spent most of the show out cold.
  • When you mix a classic rock concert with New Jersey you get some very interesting fashion.  There are a lot of ladies in NJ that still think it’s 1987.
  • If you wear sunglasses inside during a concert…where it is dark…you don’t look cool.  Nope…you look like a complete idiot.  Also…you will most likely trip up the stairs on your way to the bathroom and I will laugh at you.
  • Playing air guitar can make even the hottest guy look like a tool.  I was thinking that the guy in front of us was really attractive…until he started jamming on his air guitar.  He played that bad boy for the whole concert.

And the biggest thing I learned…

  • I’m old.  The first time I saw Aerosmith was during my freshman year of college.  My brother and I went to the concert, then out to eat.  Then we stayed up all night hanging out with my friends and I went to work the next morning at 5AM and worked an 8 hour shift on zero sleep.  This time, I got home at 1AM and fell into bed and then I couldn’t even get up the next morning because my head hurt so bad.  I actually had to stay home from work to recover and I still have a bit of a headache.

Have you ever learned anything  from Aerosmith?


  1. LOVE THIS. Note: Women in DC going to see Motley Crüe about 5 years ago dressed like it was still 1987. I think it’s the hope they’ll get to go back stage and relive glory days w/ the band!

    I think that I have learned a lot from Aerosmith in my day, mostly to Dream On and not to do so many drugs, or drugs at all 😉

    Glad you had fun! And I’m happy to see Steven Back in the Saddle, Again. Yes I totally just plugged two songs!

    P.S. Steven is sexy… sort of. He’s no Mick but he’s sexy.

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