Random Musing Friday…

It’s been another one of those weeks where life just got too busy to actually sit down and post every day.  But it’s boring to keep coming to someone’s blog and reading the same “Sorry I haven’t been around” post over and over again.  So I’ve made peace with the fact that, while I’d love to be able to post something every day, it’s just not realistic.  I’ll post when I can or when I have something to say and when I’m too busy I won’t post and I won’t feel guilty about it.

That said…I do have some good stuff this week.  In light of what happened in Colorado last night, I considered not posting nonsense today…but I decided it’s probably important to post nonsense.  It’s important that we don’t let the crazy fucks who think it’s ok to go on a killing spree in a movie theater dictate how the rest of us live our lives.  So to all of those people affected by the shooting…I am thinking of you today and saying prayers for all of you.  My heart goes out to you.  There is no sense when things like this happen.  I’m very glad they caught the person who did this and I hope they make him pay.

While it still feels a little disrespectful to move on to nonsense…I think we need to lighten things up around here.  So here are this week’s random musings…

  • I have an irrational fear of fish hooks.  J likes to fish and I always make excuses of why we can’t go, because I have this fear that I’m going to get hooked in the face while he is casting.  I know it’s nuts and that it would probably be fine.  But I can’t stop thinking about it and so, for me, fishing is never relaxing.  Does anyone else have this fear?  Has anyone else ever been hooked in the face?  Am I just nuts?
  •  I was feeling a little sniffly last week, so I’ve been overdosing on vitamin C and sanitizing my hands like crazy.  Being on the subway  is always tough because I don’t like to touch anything for fear of the germs…but I also don’t like to go careening into other passengers when the train is moving.  So I have to hold on and I try not to touch my face until I get off the train and bust out my Purell.  The problem is…my nose always itches.  Every. Single. Time.  I’m sure it’s psychosomatic…my nose itches because I’m thinking about not touching my face.  But it’s really annoying.
  • I read an article the other day about a woman who shaved her head as part of her challenges on Fear Factor.  I don’t watch that show because I think it’s dumb and really…they don’t offer a large enough prize for the kinds of things they want you to do.  But I gave this woman a lot of credit.  When it came to her final challenge and they told her she had to shave her head, she absolutely didn’t want to.  She said she decided to do it, not for the money, but to teach her children that they shouldn’t be vain.  Luckily, she and her husband went on to win the money.  I wouldn’t have done it…and that is why I will never be on Fear Factor.    Well…this and that time those people had to milk the goats with their mouths.
  • I saw something on the news about a woman on a motorized scooter who attempted to ride it up an escalator.  Of course, that didn’t go well and it ended up flipping over on her a few times.  She ended up being ok, but how do you sit there and think that’s going to turn out well?  The kicker was…the elevator was only about 20 feet away from the escalator.  It takes a special kind of stupid or a special kind of lazy to choose escalator over elevator.

And lastly…

  • There are signs up all over Grand Central Station for E!’s new show Opening Act.  I don’t know much about it other than it’s a musical competition show and the winners get to be the opening act for someone else.  One of the posters says “LMFAO is looking for their new Opening Act”.  My question is this…when did LMFAO become a headlining act?  Should they be the ones that ARE the opening act?  It’s been a while since I’ve worked in the music industry…but maybe things have changed and anyone with one hit can be a headliner.  Or maybe LMFAO is hugely popular and I just don’t know it because I’m old.  Anyone care to weigh in?

Well, that’s it for the week.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Don’t forget to link up below…


  1. LMFAO actually has 2 hits. That makes them definitely headline-worthy.
    I know the perfect solution for your itchy nose on the subway:


  2. My heart still aches for the Aurora victims :(

    Okay, I’m sorry… I’m stuck on the whole “milking goats with their mouths” part. What?! Seriously?? Vomit.

    I have the same internal debate every morning with touching poles/touching face. It’s definitely psychosomatic.

    Uhm, I didn’t know that LMFAO is a headliner either. I feel old but also sad that the world doesn’t realize their music sucks.

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