Random Musings Friday…

I haven’t had much time to blog this week…what, with all the yoga and everything.  No…I’m kidding.  I’m still not doing yoga.  But I am in a somewhat better mood today.  And I’m very excited for the weekend.  I’m also excited for today’s random musings…

  • I saw a guy yesterday wearing a shirt that said “I am awesome”.  I loved it.  I think I’m going to get a shirt like that and wear it to sleep every night…this way I can wake up each morning, look in the mirror and remember just how awesome I am.  I wonder where he got it.
  • The other day a woman sat down next to me on the train and she pulled out a little package of bread sticks.  When she finished the first package, she pulled out another and another.  For 40 minutes she ate  bread stick after bread stick.  I was dying to look inside her purse for the seemingly endless supply of little plastic packages.  Ever since I’ve been considering carrying around my own stash.
  • I was watching some Four Weddings on TLC the other day and the four brides on this episode were located in NY and NJ.  One of the women was Southern and she had relocated to NJ to be with her husband.  During the wedding she did something and another of the brides commented “Wow…NJ has really rubbed off on her!”  The speaker meant this as a compliment.  Hmmm…NJ is the land of Snookie and The Situation and strip malls galore.  I’m pretty sure that NJ rubbing off is never a compliment.
  • Speaking of reality TV…I’ve been noticing that when people from NY are on reality TV it’s always the worst possible example of what New Yorkers are really like.  No wonder everyone always thinks we are a bunch of idiots with think accents who say things like Fuggetaboutit.  Please trust me that we aren’t all like that!
  • And lastly…my favorite.  When I went to Atlanta last week, I arrived at the airport and I couldn’t help but overhear the woman next to me speaking to the agent.  Her flight was leaving at 5:25.  It was 5:15.  The agent was telling her that she had to rebook as she’d missed her flight.  She was shocked.  She kept insisting that her ticket said she only had to arrive at the airport ten minutes prior to the flight.  They managed to get her on my flight, which left two hours later and she told everyone who would listen that they never told her you had to get to the airport early.  It amazed me that people don’t check these things.

Well…that’s it for this week.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  Now grab the button and link up below…


  1. Not sure about the awesome tshirt but I’m willing to be $10 that it was a MIZ tshirt from WWE. Yeah, this is the 2nd time I’ve reference the WWE today! I blame my husband. Basically the Miz’s tagline is… “I’m the MIZ and I… AM…. AWESOMEEEEE!” Note; Miz was on the Real World years ago.

    There is your trivia for the day! HAPPY WEEKEND!!!

    P.S. When NJ rubs off on people it’s never a good thing – you should get it check out immediately! 😉 Unless THE BOSS rubs off on you… now that I wouldn’t mind one bit!

  2. What?! What’s wrong with that woman?? Has she never stepped foot on an airplane? Even if you’ve never taken a flight, I feel like you’d have to know that bit of information. Wow.

    Also, I just watched an episode of Four Weddings the other day. I love that show (but yea… having NJ rub off on you is never a good thing. I’m still trying to avoid that happening after living in the Garden State for 8 years of my life!)

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