Yoga is not the answer…

I’ve been really stressed out and cranky lately.  Everything seems to be getting to me…the way people drive, people asking me questions, the phone ringing, the way J chews potato chips.  It seems that every little thing is getting on my nerves.  The root of all this evil is probably my job.  That place makes me crazy…even when I’m not there.

I must be acting like a total bitch because everyone around me keeps offering suggestions of ways I can relieve my stress.  My therapist suggested that I “just let it go”, which is basically impossible for me.  I’m not the just let it go type.  My boss offered his office up for me to vent, but when I started venting he started venting and when we were done, we were both more annoyed than when we started out.

Various other people have offered me advice and, by far, the number one suggestion I’ve gotten is this…

“Just take a yoga class and you’ll feel so much better.”

Here’s the thing about yoga…I hate it.  I don’t achieve peace or calm or zen or whatever it is that I’m supposed to achieve while doing yoga.  I don’t relax.  I either get bored or frustrated and it’s just awful.  Yoga is definitely not the answer and every time someone suggests it, I just get more and more annoyed.

So last night, J and I were discussing my crankiness issue and I was explaining how everything is getting on my nerves.  His solution…”You should just take a yoga class.”  I swear to you…I almost stabbed him with my fork.  He’s lucky I was busy using that fork to stress eat pork fried rice and dumplings!

But this morning, I think I discovered something that helps just a little.  I was driving to work and listening to my iPod and every song that came on was better than the last.  By the third or fourth song I was singing very loudly and dancing in my seat just a little.  At one point, I pulled up next to a truck full of very attractive firefighters who seemed extremely entertained by my little show.  But I didn’t care.  There really is something to be said for belting out “Whataya Want From Me” or “Tik Tok” at full volume in the morning.  When I got to work, I was actually in a good mood.

I’m praying it lasts…at least until lunch!



  1. I’m with you on yoga. I get bored and it almost gives me too much time to think (or to think about how uncomfortable it is holding this awkward pose). I say try wine, it’s good for the heart!

  2. I only like yoga if I’m doing it to Brittany Spears or some such, otherwise I roll my eyes and give up.

    Several months ago I hit my stress limit and every little thing was getting on my nerves, including the idiots that pass for radio djs. That, plus the idiot drivers, had me switching to classical music in the car. Music truly soothed the savage beast & I’ve kept it up on my morning drive to keep me from being cranky first thing. Works at work, too, when my coworkers voices grate in my ears.

    Good luck!

  3. I was thinking drugs. Little Xanax to take the edge off!

  4. I also hate yoga, though I do enjoy Pilates.
    Not as much as I love belting out Tik Tok, though. Good call.

  5. love this! Music in the AM always determines my day. This morning I was listening to Dio, so I’m ready to take the day by the horns and rock it out. Happy music is the best medicine. And when I want to cry, I crank out the sad songs, get the tears out and move on.

    I enjoy the little bit of yoga I have done but like you I get very frustrated when I can’t do a move. Is it just me or is having to go into “child’s pose” the most demeaning thing ever?

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