So nosy…

Yesterday, I was running late leaving work so I jumped in a cab to go to the train station.  We stopped at a light on the way and pulled up next to a car with the windows open.  The two people inside were having an argument and the man was clearly very upset.  He was shouting “You say that you love me and you say you want to be with me, but you don’t do anything to make me believe it.  You have to show your feelings with your actions.”

I felt terrible for listening in, but I couldn’t tear myself away from the drama.  And to be fair…the guy was yelling so loudly that I really couldn’t help but hear.

As he choked back tears, he continued…”No matter what I do for you, it’s just never enough.  I don’t know what you want from me.”

I was very relieved when the light changed and we were able to drive away and no longer witness this.  It was starting to feel almost creepy to be listening anymore.

The moral of the story and the point of my sharing it is…don’t fight in public because you never know who is listening.  Best to do that kind of thing behind closed doors.

So tell me…have you ever witnessed something that clearly should have been private, but you were unable to look away?


  1. Neal and I were in public somewhere once…like a park or something. We were traveling, I remember that. I just don’t remember where. Anyway, there was a couple who were having a massive argument as they were walking in the park. Saying incredibly hateful things to each other and being very loud. I turned to Neal and said, “Please, let’s not ever do that.” He quickly agreed. We try not to even disagree in front of other people, at least not in a disrespectful way. But to have an all-out argument in public is embarrassing to everyone, including the couple. I can only IMAGINE the things that cab drivers hear and see everyday.

  2. I have witnessed my neighbour walking around outside with no pants on. Trust me – that shit needs to stay behind closed doors.

  3. That poor guy! (note: I just read Robyn’s comment and I laughed my ass off).

    Mike and I don’t really fight – we have a bit of a tiff here and there but usually it’s over something stupid. Or I will calmly say when something is bothering me. We’ve made it a rule that we talk about stuff AS it’s pissing us off or bothering us before it blows up.

    I’ve heard people drunk at a bar bickering and it’s unpleasant for sure but never a full out fight. It would be hard for me to turn away for sure.

    To add to Allyson’s comment – I can’t imagine the stuff that cab drivers SEE or hear on a daily basis. I don’t like that most riders don’t treat the cabby like they are human. We always chat with our cab drivers when they pick us up.

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