Wordless Wednesday…

It’s been almost a month since Robyn and Phil came to visit and I haven’t managed to recap our trip.  There was so much awesome that happened that I couldn’t possibly tell you about everything.  But today…I’m going to give you some pictures of the highlights.

Yankee Stadium is fun even in the pouring rain.


Braised short ribs...possibly the best thing I've ever eaten.


Gay Unicorns make awesome ice cream.


This bird was awesome...he was the mayor of the park. He just sat on that bench and didn't let anyone bother him.


I always feel bad for the horses in the city, but they are so beautiful and I love to look at them.


If you take a picture of Elmo in Times Square, he will shake you down for a tip.


It's possible to take something horrible and unthinkable and make it beautiful and peaceful.


The 9/11 Memorial is really breathtaking. If you are in the area, make sure you stop by.


These are raspberry beignets...not jelly donuts, as someone suggested (Phil). They are far better than anything found at Tim Horton's.


Two women can get a guy to do pretty much anything.


There was so much more…but these are my favorite pictures.  Make sure you stop by Phil’s blog for a run down of some of the fantastic stuff we ate.




  1. Nice. Those short ribs look amazing. Sometimes I consider becoming a vegetarian and then I see something like that. I could never.

  2. Has it been almost a month already?! That explains the withdrawl.
    A couple of points regarding your pictures:
    That bird was not just sitting on that bench not letting anything bother him – he was stalking me and lulling me into a false sense of security before he attacked.
    The 9/11 Memorial was stunning. I loved it and the pictures can not do it justice.
    I LOVE that picture of Phil. So Awesome.
    I really wish that big gay unicorn was shitting me out some fantastic ice cream to eat with those beignets right now!

  3. SO much fun. I can’t imagine going to NYC and not taking in the 9/11 memorial. I cried the day they had the ceremony on TV. The water sounds so tranquil I bet it’s emotionally moving when you’re there in person. Putting it on the bucket list!

    That gay unicorn is awesome. I love that he was smart enough to tie up his tail so he wouldn’t get butt funk on it! Smart horny horse!

  4. You got some totally fantastic pictures. Can we go visit gay unicorn ice cream place when we’re up? Also, the entire trip looks like a raging success. I wish I could have gone!

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