A special kind of clumsy…

I am a bit clumsy.  If I can drop it, trip over it, fall onto it, or hurt myself in some way…it’s almost guaranteed I will.  Once, I dropped my napkin in a restaurant and when I bent under the table to retrieve it, I hit my head underneath the table and then I jerked my head back and banged my face on the chair.  I ended up with a huge bruise on my cheek and my story sounded so made up that more than one person asked if I was covering up for J hitting me!

Well…this past weekend, I did it again.  I was standing at the kitchen sink, washing a pan.  When it was clean, I turned to put the pan on top of the stove.  I didn’t realize that the dog had come into the room and laid down…right behind me.  As I turned, I realized that I was going to kick the dog.  In order to avoid that, I sort of jumped over her…which is exactly the kind of thing I’m far too uncoordinated to pull off.

I lost my balance and I went flying toward the stove.  I threw the pan onto the stove top so my hands would be free to break my fall.  I managed to catch myself just inches before I slammed my face into the stove.  When I righted myself, I realized that the pan had hit the back of the stove top and made a dent.  I also had two broken nails and a stubbed toe.  And the dog was cowering in the other room…freaked out from all the commotion.

Luckily, neither Sadie nor I really got hurt.  And now I have a permanent reminder in my kitchen to be a little more careful!


  1. This totally sounds like something I’d do. I’m such a klutz, all the time.

  2. Mike is notoriously clumsy. I thought I was until I met him but he takes the cake. This totally sounds like something he would do. Glad you guys didn’t get hurt but nothing pisses me off more than a broken nail! Two of them, forgetaboutit!

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