Random Musings Friday…

Wow…I am not good at this blogging thing lately.  Once I managed to drag myself out of bed…and away from 72 straight hours of TLC, which is fantastic programming when you are sick…I went back to a mess and a half at work.  Next Friday is a tax deadline and I was way behind.  And when I got home from work each night I just fell into bed and slept.

The good news is that I’m finally feeling better and we now have a policy in our office of sending the sick people home before they can infect the rest of us.  Also…I have a few really good random musings for this week…so here goes…

  • I’ve become addicted to Four Weddings…which is a show where four brides attend each others wedding and then they score the other ladies on how good their wedding was.  The bride with the best wedding wins a dream honeymoon.  It’s great because most of the brides are super gracious and sweet…but then there are a few that are total bitches and they are all catty and nasty.  My favorite bride was the one who decided to call her buffet style dinner a “grazing station”.  Now…I understand the fact that she was trying to fancy things up.  I mean…there was a honeymoon to Fiji on the line here.  But grazing station???  Are you having cattle at your wedding?  The other brides all called her out on it in the scoring and she came in dead last among her group.  I can’t say I blame them.
  • Also while I was watching TLC, I repeatedly saw a commercial for Western Sky Loans…which, I assume is like a payday loan kind of place.  While I was watching the commercial…for the 4234289374th time I noticed some writing on the bottom that said the APR on the loans is 89.63%.  And people actually take those loans!!!  You’d be better off borrowing from the mob…it would probably be cheaper.  The fact that the company is allowed to get away with that is insane.
  • Yesterday, when I left work, I took a cab to the train station.  It’s lazy…but it was raining and I’m still not feeling that great.  So I treated myself.  As we pulled to the corner, I saw someone standing off to the side, waiting to take my cab.  As soon as the cab stopped moving and before I even got a chance to pay, the guy walked over and opened the cab door.  When I gave him a nasty look, he closed the door so I could finish paying.  Then he stood in front of the door so I could barely get out of the car.  I swear…some people are so rude.
  • I discovered this week that I’ve been spelling Rice Krispy wrong all my life.  According to the deli near my office it’s spelled like this…

  • I also have a new motto…

Well…that’s it for this week.  I hope you all had a great week.  Now grab the button above and link up below and tell me your random musings.


  1. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better.

    Four Weddings is a pretty cool show–a lot less drama than the rest of the bride shows, that’s for sure! I missed the “grazing station” episode but, wow! That’s exactly why we’re NOT doing buffet at our wedding.

    “Chrispy” is probably to get around trademark issues, though the h is totally wrong. I’m more concerned with “Mallow Ex-Treat” wth is that?!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Looking at the word “Chrispy” just seems OFF. Not just because it’s spelled wrong.. hellooo Crispy, but I know the trademark spelling isn’t correct but after all these years, it sort of seems like it is.

    Those Western Sky Loan commercials are horrible and that interest rate is through the roof. Mike has commented on that. He’s a huge “small type” on Tv reader. You know those lawsuit commercials about Yaz etc and death issues and get your money back yada yada yada. It’s a huge group suit in the end you might only get like $24.00 for your troubles.

    4 Weddings IS really fun to watch. I love when the rude girls lose. Too many people these days want to be famous for being Divas and mean girls and it gets under my skin. Grazing Station… totally moo!

    I always say, I never trust a Skinny Chef. I love how Giada D. will pawn off all these amazing Italian dishes, full fat, and she knows NONE of us have her willpower and will eat it all and she will continue to be skinny with a HUGE head. Damn her!

    At least Paula Deen is honest… well, sort of. 😉


  3. I have a PS!
    You had posted about being sick earlier this week and I thought it was an accidental repost. I feel like I read something almost EXACTLY like that from you weeks ago. When a co-worker came to work sick and infected all of you. I”m happy you’re feeling better! And I am glad you started the rule that sickos need to go home!

  4. Wow, that guy sounds like a total d-bag. I’m sorry. I hate when I see a**hats like that around.

    Also, where did you see that sign?? LOL!!

    Hope you are feeling better and can rest up this weekend, girly. XOXO


    I feel the same about people who shove on to the elevator before I can get off. The main rules of civility nowadays seem to be that rules are for suckers.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

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