Dubious Intentions…

Some of you have emailed me to find out where the hell I was all last week.  I know some of you were expecting a recap of my week in the city with Robyn and Phil and I totally blew it on Friday with no link-up.  I apologize for the disappearing act and I would like to offer you the following explanation.

It started when I noticed something odd with my stats.  Over the course of three days, someone read several hundred posts.  It wasn’t very difficult to figure out who it was and I immediately questioned that person’s motives.  While it was possible that this person just really loved my writing and felt compelled to keep reading…it was actually far more likely that their intentions were of a more dubious nature.  I believe what this person was looking for was information they could use to hurt me in some way.

When I started this blog, I made the decision to not remain anonymous and I still believe it was the right decision.  I have made incredible friends and had wonderful experiences because of it.  But it also means that I put my whole life out there every single day and I leave myself vulnerable to people who may have impure intentions.

Last week, after finding out what this person was doing, I found myself hesitating every time I sat down to write.  I started to censor myself and leave out parts of stories.  Or I sat staring at a blank page…unable to find a single thing I wanted to share with anyone.  By Wednesday, it was so frustrating that I just gave up and left my computer off for the rest of the week.

But now I’m back.  I can’t let someone else’s potentially poor intentions influence me.  After all…if someone wants to find a way to hurt me, they will…no matter what is or isn’t on my blog.  So I’m back…and I’m not going to let anyone influence my content or my writing.  And if there is someone out there who has something to say…I invite you to stop lurking and come out and say it.


  1. Glad you’re back! And I’m glad you’re not letting anyone with ill intentions change the way you write.

  2. Ugh, I’m sorry someone made you feel at all insecure on your own blog. Not cool, not cool at all anonymous dude(tte).

    I’m going to continue to hope it was just someone who found the blog and really just wanted to read it all (I’ve done it before, it’s not inconceivable).

  3. Go you! <3

  4. I have found blogs I like before and then go back to start at the beginning. I probably read that many post in a few days on one blog when I was in my old job and had NOTHING to do all day. I hope that was it!

  5. Good for you and glad to have you back. I hate creepers, but to be fair like Jenni said maybe it was a new reader just wanting to go back and read all they could. I often do that when I find a new blog, but I also find myself COMMENTING when I read old stuff too.

    I hope it’s innocent but there’s nothing wrong with being defensive in this day and age! :)

  6. I’m glad you’re back, too, and that you made the decision to keep blogging. It wouldn’t be the same here without you, momma. XOXO

    And boo to your lurker. At least he/she isn’t leaving nasty comments (at least I hope not).

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