Random Musings Friday…

I had planned to post a little more often this week…and I did manage to post on Wednesday over at From The Sidelines.  However, I never managed to get here.  Robyn, Phil and I have been running around all week, seeing the sights of NY and eating a lot…and also getting rained on.  There’s just not enough time in the day to do everything and still write a post.  So…sorry for my disappearance.  I’ll be back next week.

And of course, I couldn’t forget this week’s random musings…

  • Last week, I wrote an email to a friend from work.  I signed it “xoxo” as I always do.  Then I immediately sent an email to a work colleague who had just done me a huge favor…and I almost signed that one “xoxo” as well.  Luckily, I stopped myself in time and used the more professional “Many Thanks”.  I really have to be careful of that in the future.
  • The weather in NY this week has been really crappy.  It’s rained pretty much every single day.  We’ve been checking Accuweather often before we go out so we can dress appropriately for the weather…and it has been wrong pretty much every day.  Yesterday, as we stood in the middle of a downpour, Accuweather told me the current weather conditions were “slightly foggy”.  Accuweather is a lying bitch.
  • And speaking of rain…I’ve learned something this week.  You can be very careful to avoid every puddle in sight.  You can walk for blocks and blocks without actually getting your feet wet.  However, there will be a time that you will look away for one second and that is the second in which you will step directly into a puddle.  This will usually happen just before you reach your destination.
  • I personally like to think that NYers are nice and friendly and helpful and that our reputation as rude assholes is undeserved.  However, this week, I have seen more and more evidence that rude assholes are winning.  An example…we ate lunch at Shake Shack, which has extremely limited indoor seating.  There were tons of people standing around waiting for tables…and this woman, sitting alone at a table for four, was clearly done with her lunch.  She was just sitting there, texting someone or something.  For ten minutes.  She didn’t have a single care that there were people with trays full of food waiting to sit down.  She just kept right on with what she was doing.  It was so obnoxious and I wanted to yell at her for giving NYers a bad name.
  • And speaking of rude…we were on the subway and it was getting a little crowded.  The nasty woman sitting next to us had pushed me out of the way in order to secure her seat and was getting annoyed at how crowded the car was getting.  There were still a few seats when a pregnant woman got on.  She sat down in the small seat next to the nasty woman.  She must have been squished up against the nasty woman making her uncomfortable, because she decided to stand up.  Then the nasty woman proceeded to glare angrily at the pregnant woman for the rest of the trip.  I guess she expected the very pregnant woman to stand up so she wouldn’t be inconvenienced.  Some people’s rudeness just amazes me.

Well…that’s it for me this week.  I’ve got to go get ready for a very busy day…we’re going on the NBC Studio Tour and taking a stroll through Central Park and tonight we are going to a Breaking Bad themed dinner.  It should be a really fun day…if only it would just stop raining!

Now…grab the button and link up below and tell me all of your random musings for the week…


  1. I really wanted to go on the NBC studio tour last time I was in NY but it was sold out. I was sad. Next time. I frequently jokingly sign my emails ‘luv’ to my friends. I can’t wait until the day I accidentally do that to my boss.

  2. That lying Accuweather told us before we left that it was going to be hot and sunny all week, and we packed accordingly. Bitch.
    To New Yorkers credit, I think that woman at the Shake Shack was a tourist.
    Stupid, rude tourists!*

    *Not the Canadian ones, though

  3. Hope you are having a great time with your friends! Too bad the weather hasn’t been cooperating. I had some friends in from out of town, too, and I feel like the rain kind of puts a damper on so many things.

    OMG, I nearly did the “XOXO” thing to my boss just yesterday. HA! So funny. And that woman on the subway sounds nasty. Boo on her!

    Sounds like you have many fun things planned this weekend

  4. Kelly@ Turned UP to ELEVEN says:

    This made me laugh because I email with Mike all day at work and always sign it love, k – well I almost always end up saying it to coworkers and by accident one day sent to my coworker friend.. oops he said he knew it wasn’t ment for him but it made us laugh! Glad you are having a great week!!

  5. MISS YOU!!!! Hope all is well, love. XOXO

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