Wordless Wednesday…

I can’t talk too much today…because I’m too busy eating these…


These are the cupcakes we bought for my boss’s birthday.  This gesture was about 87% selfish…because if it wasn’t we probably would have taken him out to lunch or something.  Instead, we are eating the most delicious cupcakes ever.  This was a much better decision.

Now, please excuse me…I have to get back to my salty caramel cupcake.  It’s much to hard to eat and type at the same time.

**If you are near a Sprinkles…you must go out and get some.  This might be the best cupcake I’ve ever eaten.


  1. Why would you post that picture? Now I want a cupcake! :-)

  2. Please tell me we will be near a Sprinkles (because we don’t already have enough to eat this trip)!

  3. *drool* sometimes there is nothing that beats a perfect cupcake! I like that they seem to be easy on the icing.

  4. My coworker went to an event recently and raved about the salty caramel cupcake… I wonder if it came from Sprinkles! Are they located in Soho?

    Damn. Now want.

  5. Those cupcakes look yummy. Glad I do not live near a Sprinkles! Still love your blog, btw.

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