Why Glee Makes Me So Happy…

As I mentioned yesterday…I finally finished watching Season 1 of Glee.  I also finished Season 2 and started Season 3.

When I put watching Glee on my 101 list, I never really expected that I would like it.  I don’t really like teenagers and I don’t care for large-scale musical numbers in the middle of a TV show.  That sort of thing should be reserved for the Broadway stage…and a select few movie musicals…like Grease.  I sat down to watch the first episode fully expecting to hate it.

But after watching two full seasons, I can say that I’m totally in love with this show.  The music is fantastic and the talent just blows me away and the dialogue is sharp and funny…but it’s more than that.  I find myself smiling the whole time…well, when I’m not sobbing, that is.  Because the happy moments are wonderful and the heartbreaking moments will truly break your heart.  Yes…some of it is cheesy and I roll my eyes sometimes because it’s so corny.  But I think Glee delivers a bigger message.  In between the fabulous singing and hilarious insults…they are trying to teach you acceptance…of each other and, more importantly, of yourself.

Each character on the show is a bit of a freak or an outcast in one way or another and instead of ridiculing each other, they come together to celebrate their eccentricities and quirkiness.  They own their weirdness and they never apologize for who they are.  I think that is a very important lesson for everyone to learn.  You should never be ashamed of who you are and you should accept other people for who they are.

I also have to give the show credit for the way they handled the subject of bullying.  I think their portrayal was very accurate to the way things are actually handled in reality and I applaud them for pointing out that more needs to be done to keep kids safe.

I think the most surprising to me, though, was the fact that the Glee cast was able to make Justin Bieber, Gweneth Paltrow and Kesha palatable to me.  I’d honestly never heard a Justin Bieber song before and Baby…it’s not bad.  I’m not saying I’m going to become a Belieber or anything…but the song is catchy.  And Tik Tok, by Kesha is now on my iPod…although the spelling still makes me angry.

It’s just a really well done show with incredible talent and wonderful writers.

So…if you were like me…thinking you’d hate Glee and avoiding it like the bubonic plague…I encourage you to give it a watch.  I think you’ll really like it.


  1. I have an up and down relationship with Glee. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I think they try to be too serious and make every episode about teaching a lesson and some of the characters I just don’t care about. But overall I enjoy it. The first Gwyneth episode was one of my favorites and last year’s prom ep was pretty awesome. Sometimes I like a Glee version of a song way better than the original. I’m excited to see what they are going to do next year.

  2. I used to really like Glee in the first 2 seasons… somewhere in the middle I sort of got sick of it. I started fast forwarding through the music to watch the drama… Odd right? And I had a hard time when they would try to do renditions of metal music… the AC/DC was just HORRIBLE and one other time they did JUMP by Van Halen and now I can’t listen to that song w/out hearing them sing it.. sort of ruined it for me. HOWEVER all that being said while I’m not watching it anymore I agree with you that I like how they handle bullying and other issues that teens go through. I think it’s important for teens to see that stuff, for sure! And it does give you pep in your step :)

  3. I currently have 56 Glee covers on my iPod…so that should tell you just about everything you need to know about my feelings for Glee.
    Though, like Kelly, I had completely given up on it for awhile there in the third season, but they have sucked me right back in.
    And I am so glad you have finally come around!

  4. I liked the first two seasons of Glee. Now I hate it and wonder how I ever liked it. I’m not sure if Glee changed or if I did. And that episode Community did making fun of Glee sure didn’t help.

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