Random Musings Friday…

I really enjoy the weeks that fly by.  This was one of those weeks.  I can’t believe it’s time for Random Musings Friday again.  What’s even better is that tomorrow is Saturday…the second Saturday that I have nothing to do and get to lay around in my pajamas and nap.  What’s even better than that is that next Saturday I will be going to the airport to pick up Robyn and Phil.  I’m so excited…I haven’t seen them since August and we have a really fun week planned.

So…I’m not going to waste any more time…because the faster today goes, the closer I am to tomorrow and next weekend…

  • Did I mention “tan mom” on here?  For those of you that don’t know, she’s a mom from NJ who is so addicted to fake tanning that she’s practically made of leather and she’s the color of an oompa loompa.  She’s been accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter to the tanning salon with her.  Well, it seems “tan mom” has some competition in the race to be the biggest embarrassment NJ has to offer.  Her competition?  “The Hotdog Ho”…a woman who runs a hot dog truck where you can get more than hot dogs.  She serves up her dogs in a bikini…and if you ask nicely you can get a lap dance or a side of sex.  Oh…did I mention that her boobs sag down to her knees?  Yeah…she’s a class act.  Oh…and she’s “acrobetical”…her word, not mine.  Seriously…you can’t make this stuff up.  And you guys thought Snooki and The Situation were the best NJ had to offer. UPDATE…Apparently, the Hotdog Ho is from Long Island…which is NY, not NJ. Also, she prefers to be called the Hotdog Stripper. I really wish she was from NJ.
  • Why do people think it’s ok to take their shoes off on the train.  On Wednesday morning, I sat across from a man who took his shoes off and put them up on the seat next to me…right next to my lunch bag.  It was gross…and it was also the morning, which made it even worse.  Of course, there were no other seats on the train so I had to just sit there.  But people…please understand that it’s public transportation and not your living room.  Leave your shoes on!
  • There is a woman who works in my building, but for a different company.  She’s the only woman in an office full of men and she didn’t want to share a bathroom with them.  Since we are an office full of women, she asked if she could use the bathroom on our side of the office.  We said sure.  Except…she’s always in there.  Yesterday, my coworker came into the office, put her bags and coat down, turned on her computer, walked down two flights of stairs to use the bathroom on a different floor, walked back up two flights of stairs…and the girl was still in there.  We estimate that she spends 2-3 hours of the work day in there.  We figure she’s either trying to kill time or she’s got some sort of stomach issues.  But as my co-worker pointed out this morning…if it’s stomach issues, girlfriend better get herself to the doctor!

And lastly…and most importantly…

  • President Obama’s tweet about gay marriage yesterday is the most retweeted message in the history of Twitter.  I think that’s awesome.

Now…grab the button, link up below…and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I’ve heard a lot about Tan Mom on the radio this week but not about Hot Dog Ho. Congrats to them both for making something of their lives. And yeah shoes are gross. They touch nasty stuff all day long. They belong on your feet or in a designated spot in your home.

  2. 1. The closest I have to offer to the Hotdog Ho is the Bikini Barista on Watson Blvd. I’ve never been, but apparently, it’s a shack in the strip mall parking lot where women in bikinis mix up coffee drinks and serve them at a drive-thru. I seriously had to read the sign 4 times to make sure I was reading it correctly when we first moved here.

    2. Every night when we sit down to eat on the couch, I sit on the left of Neal. And then he crosses his right leg over his left, which pretty much puts his right foot in my face while I’m trying to eat dinner. This week, after almost 6 years of marriage, I finally realized that if I just sit on the right, it will solve all of our problems. But I don’t have any idea how that will help you on the bus.

    3. I think I need to be following the Prez just so I can RT that.

    Happy Lazy Weekend!! I’m pretty much right there with ya!

  3. Seriously why would someone think it’s okay to not only take their shoes off on the train but then to put them on the seat? Gross! Happy weekend!

  4. Awesome about Obama’s tweet. I follow him and missed it. My guess… he’s not on a “LIST”… but that rocks!

    Hotdog Ho, that’s a new one… wow! I like hot dogs, but not that much. Now if she was like a Playboy Playmate, it still wouldn’t be right but at least you could understand the draw, right? How has she not been arrested for prostitution? {with the sex stuff}.

    YAY for visits – you are a busy bee! :) You are all going to have a blast!


  5. Ok, so now we need to fit a hot dog stand into our already super busy schedule for our visit? Cause you know I need to see this to believe it right? We just have regular Ho’s up here in Canada…

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