Random Musings Friday…

Happy Friday.  I have to be honest…last Friday was so much better than this Friday.  Last Friday I got on a plane to Georgia for a weekend of girl talk and relaxation.  This Friday…I’m at work.  It’s not even close to the same.  The good thing is that it’s the weekend and I finished getting my craft room organized last night…and I plan to spend a lot of time in there over the next two days.  There will be some amazing crafting masterpieces coming out of that room.  Either that or I’ll just sit at my desk and surf the internet. 

Now…I have lots of random musings this week.  I have to make up for last week after all…


  • The grass is growing like crazy, so two weeks ago J decided to do some lawnmower maintenance and get ready to start cutting the grass.  So we took a trip to Sears…where we bought our riding lawnmower last year.  You know what…Sears doesn’t carry replacement parts for their lawnmowers.  The guy suggested we try Home Depot.  Except…our lawnmower is a Craftsman…manufactured by Sears and sold only in Sears.  Out of ten different stores, only one in our area sells the replacement parts.  J didn’t seem so flustered by this…but I was.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.  But maybe that’s why Sears isn’t doing so well. 
  • We had new cable installed in the CT house.  The tech that came out was super nice and really helpful.  I was just in the middle of thinking that he was the best service tech of any kind we’d ever had at the house…until he basically told us he had been having really bad diarrhea all day.  I mean, really…do I need to know that?  I do not.  Please keep that shit to yourself…literally.
  • I was listening to the radio and the morning news woman was doing the entertainment news.  She referred to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as Kim-ye.  She said “We are calling them that now.”  My question is…do we have to???  Bennifer was funny.  Really funny.  And TomKat was slightly clever…but you lost me at Brangelina and now Kim-ye?  Please…let’s just stop with the stupid names.  Or better yet…let’s just stop talking about Kim Kardashian altogether and maybe she’ll go away.
  • The night before I left for Georgia, I stopped into a store by my office to pick up a few last-minute things and I found a dress that I loved.  It was comfortable and perfect for the hot temperatures I was travelling to.  I took the dress to the register…where the store manager told me she couldn’t sell me the dress because the price tag was missing and it was the only one in the whole store.  I explained to her that I was sorry for the hassle, but she’d better figure something out…because I wasn’t leaving that store without that dress.  I stood there for 45 minutes and missed three trains…but she figured out the price and I got the dress.  And it was absolutely perfect for a day of shopping and visiting the peach orchard. 

And lastly…my favorite…

  • Don’t you love when people push you out of the way only to discover that they are going the wrong way?  Earlier this week, a woman pushed past me while we were getting off the train and practically knocked me over.  Then she proceeded to march down the train platform…in the completely wrong direction.  The look on her face was priceless as she turned around and slunk back the right way.  A few months ago, as I was waiting for the bus, a woman cut in front of the line and jumped onto the bus.  She paid her fare ($7) and sat down…only to realize she was on the express bus to Westchester instead of the local city bus she was looking for.  She’d only been planning to go 8 blocks.  Instead, she ended up going 20 and paying an extra $5 for the pleasure.  She was very upset…but  I loved every second of it.  Maybe if she wasn’t so busy being rude, she would have realized her mistake. 

That’s it for me this week.  Don’t forget to grab the button above and link up below to share your random musings of the week.  Have a great weekend…


  1. Y’know…it’s when companies like Sears, who manufacture their own thing, do stupid crap, like don’t carry replacement parts for their own thing, that makes me CRAZY. We have a Kenmore washing machine but because we bought it through AAFES (military contractors) who contracted with Sears, instead of directly with Sears, they won’t have anything to do with us. Thank you for nothing, Sears. And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of the corporate world.

    Also, since I don’t take public transportation, I can’t exactly relate to that, but what I DO love is when people gun it to cut in front of you, only to get caught by the stoplight up ahead. I giggle every single time. Hope that was worth it now that gas is $4/gallon.

    Happy Friday! I wish we were still eating goat cheese and feeling really, really white as we learn all about MLK Jr. *sigh* It can’t be all fun all the time, I guess.

    Off to write my post so I can link up all proper like.

  2. Maybe your cable guy is a long, lost member of my family because the people in my family have a long history of innapropriate poop-talk. Phil couldn’t quite believe it when he first had the misfortune of attending one of our family gatherings.

  3. I was at Food Truck Friday last week and some woman in front of my let her two friends just blatantly cut in front of me. I mean, I would have been a pansy and said, “sure, go for it” anyway, but at least pretend to be polite. Not one of the three women even seemed to notice that they’d cut in front of me. But you know what? Their lunch got stolen by some 4th idiot who was in a hurry and/or didn’t care to listen to the number being called, and that could have been my lunch instead, so I guess the universe works in weird ways. And I was going to talk about this in my random musings, so fair warning :)

  4. #1 I love the story about the rude women and when Karma works on them!

    #2 Good for you standing your ground on that dress, furthermore in this economy – “I can’t sell you that.” should NEVER fall from someone’s lips. Anyone that works retail knows if you can’t find the SAME dress with a tag, you find one as close as possible and estimate the price… if I were a CEO or owner I’d be more angry you let someone walkout w/out the dress than I would knowing you might have low balled the price too much.

    #3 PEACH ORCHARD? *Drool* I can’t wait for your recaps!

  5. Ugh, rude people suck. Serves that woman right!

    And I wonder if it’s the dress you wore in the picture with the hat. If it is, cute purchase and it was well-worth the 45 minute wait!

    Also, what’s up with that service repair guy. Really??!! What the… ??


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