Wordless Wednesday…

I had an excellent trip to Georgia over the weekend and I will give you a full recap…with pictures…but you’re going to have to wait a bit on that.  I have a few hundred pictures to go through and I’m far too tired for that right now.

But I did want to give you an update on the bird situation.  It turns out, I did run into a bird during my travels…

Luckily…this bird doesn’t fly.  He’s more adorable than dangerous!  He became the official mascot of my trip.

Stay tuned for some excellent photos and some stories that could only come from Georgia…



  1. Y’know birdie needs a name, right? Something really southern like Maylene or Louisa….

  2. I thought it was going to be fried chicken!

  3. He’s so cute!!! OR she? I agree with Allyson my first thought was what is it’s name?

    I can’t wait to see the pictures, and lastly… I think this post is incomplete with out the song “Surfin’ Bird” behind it 😉 Because my dear, the bird IS the word!

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