They’ve been holding out on me!!!

My normal morning commute is uneventful, whether I take the train from NY or CT.  I wait on the platform, get on the train, read a book, get off the train and walk to my office.  Uneventful.

This morning I was in CT and running pretty late.  I got to the train station about 20 minutes later than usual.  Which is when I found out that the people who travel later are having all the fun.  Because I found…

Train Station Yoga!



These ladies rolled out their mats, did their class, put their shoes back on and got on the next train.  What a great idea…sneak in some exercise while you are waiting for the train. Brilliant.  Of course, I’m an uncoordinated klutz…so I won’t be doing train station yoga anytime soon.  But I still think it’s a fantastic.


  1. How funny! The thing that would concern me is the dirt. Even with a yoga mat, these chicas are putting their faces awfully close to the floor of a subway station. Geewwwww.

  2. Love the idea but would NEVER want to be on the edge of the group… near the tracks. OR would I ever want to take off my shoes in a train station… OR… I wouldn’t want to use that mat ever again… I know God made dirt but I bet those floors are filthy! :) That being said.. OM?

  3. Um…in theory, I love it. In practice, my fear of germs and my fear of falling from Warrior I and onto electrically charged tracks would keep me from ever doing this. Also, do people just kind of walk around them? Or do they go all rude and walk through them. Do they ride around NYC, stopping to do yoga at each station until the next train arrives? Wouldn’t you have to buy a train ticket everyday just to go in a circle? Wouldn’t that get expensive? I’m totally riveted though and I think you snapped some fantastic covert pictures of the whole thing. Well-played.

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