Why I Hate Spring…

It’s spring in NY…not that we really had much of a winter this year, though it was chilly for a little while.  But the chill seems to have gone away and everything is in bloom.  There are pretty purple and yellow flowers in my yard.  My tulips and daffodils have come up.  The trees in the backyard have leaves on them…once again blocking us from the neighbors and making the backyard feel like a little secret haven.  The sun has been out most days and the temperature is just perfect.  People are so happy and walk around talking about how gorgeous the weather is.  Everyone loves the spring.

Everyone…except me.

For me…spring is basically torture.  The pretty purple and yellow flowers make my eyes itch and water.  I can only admire the tulips and daffodils from afar because if I get too close, I will start to itch.  And the trees…well, the trees are my sworn enemy.  The trees make me sneeze like crazy…they make my nose run non-stop…and if I stay outside long enough, they give me hives.  The trees and I do NOT get along.

And so I hate the spring.  I attempt to cope with it by taking copious amounts of antihistamine and decongestant…but to no avail.  They are basically powerless against the pollen.  It seems I’m doomed to suffer.

Therefore, for the next 6-8 weeks, I will spend as much time as possible indoors.  I will use my air conditioner when it’s only 65 degrees outside…because opening a window is just begging to wake up with a sinus headache.  I will sit at the window and watch the birds and butterflies.  I will watch the dogs run around in the sunshine while J throws their ball over and over instead of me.   I will refrain from wearing that awesome eye makeup I bought last week, because that will just increase the redness and itching in my eyes.  And I will count the days until spring is over and we’ve moved into summer…when the humidity will keep the pollen count down.

I miss the winter…when everything is dead and there are no leaves and the world is frozen…and I can take a deep breath without sneezing 12 times in a row.  Oh how I wish it was 8 degrees outside right now.

To all my fellow allergy sufferers…may your Claritan help you breathe and not make you drowsy…may you never have to take a Benadryl during a workday…and may your tissues always be the kind with lotion.


  1. Word. Pollen is a jerk. It increases my frequency of hives and causes me breathing problems. My face pretty much feels like I have just woken up all day long (like I’m in some sort of haze). Good times. I enjoy Allegra and Pataday eye drops.

  2. You should probably come to GA heavily dosed, then. Neal and I seem to be the only ones immune, but everyone else we know down here is miserable. And snotty. Although, maybe it will be a totally different kind of pollen (like it is for Neal who is watery and itchy in Kentucky, from April – June, but TOTALLY fine here) and we’ll be able to frolic in the fields with not even the smallest sniffle. Or…not…

  3. I feel your pain 100%. I have horrible allergies and now that I live in the South my allergies are completely different. Here everything gets coated in a thin veil of yellow/green pollen – I’m itching as I type this just thinking about it.

    At home my allergies are to the same stuff but in Maryland it was a bit different.

    I have found hope… I’ve been taking the generic version of Allegra and it seems to be helping 100%. I can stay out longer, and it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. If you’ve been using the same stuff for years, you might want to snag a cheap bottle of the generic form of a different allergy med just to test it.

    Otherwise keep doing what you do – and know you’re not alone. I can only enjoy my front porch happy hours for so long… due to my allergies – Mike doesn’t really get how serious they are… until I’m in bed with a horrible sinus headache ready to cry… knowing that only makes it worse.

    Our spring is almost over here in the South it started early… I hope yours passes for you quickly… do you hate the fact that when the word is at its prettiest we have to suffer?

    Fall is no better for me… rag weed gets me too and these are my 2 fave seasons… I hate the heat of summer in the south.

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