Put on a little lipstick…

This is a phrase I’ve heard very often since I was a teenager.  My mother has always been a big proponent of putting on a little lipstick.  She feels like it just brightens up your face and will make you feel better.  Much to her chagrin, I’ve always hated wearing makeup.  Hated it.  If I was still young enough to get away without any, I wouldn’t ever put it on my face.  Sadly…I’m not that young anymore and I have to wear makeup so I don’t scare people when I go out in public.

Lately, my makeup has been looking a little tired and it was time for a refresher.  So I took myself to the MAC counter on Friday for a makeover.  The sweetest guy ever was working there and I explained what I wanted…something a little fresh and a little brighter for spring, but still keeping a natural look.  I’m always a little hesitant at MAC because they tend toward the outrageous…but he said he understood what I wanted, so we got started.

Turns out…he didn’t understand at all.

First, he tried to talk me into a shimmery gold eyeshadow.  He said the color was great for green eyes and the shimmer would make them sparkle.  I didn’t disagree…but I was looking for an every day shadow…shimmery gold eyes are not for the office.  I managed to talk him down to a more subdued shade of brown.

Next, we moved to blush.  He pulled out a shade that was orange.  Not peach…full on, neon orange.  When I balked, he told me the color was sheer and it would be great and to trust him.  I let him put it on me and despite the fact that I had big orange cheeks and looked like a clown, he swore that it was a great look.  Again, I managed to talk him down to a more subdued mauve color.

After blush, it was time for eyeliner.  I closed my eyes and let him go to work.  When I opened them again I looked like a slightly less intense version of Amy Winehouse.  When I just looked at him he said “Sorry…sometimes I get carried away with the wings.”  Um yeah!

Once again, I reminded him that I was looking for natural and subtle.  We moved on to the last item…lipstick.  This time he went subtle.  The shade he chose was very nude…and when he put it on me I basically looked dead.  Once again, I steered him in a different direction and we chose a more suitable color.

Even though I ended up with makeup that I thought was great, the way he applied it made me look kind of like a clown or stripper and when I got home J asked me what the hell happened to my face.  I went upstairs and washed everything off and started over.  Once I was finished, I was thrilled with the result.

The shadow…when applied lightly…is the perfect shade and gives a slight hint of shimmer without being over the top.  The blush gives my cheeks a nice rosy glow.  My MAC consultant did show me a new way to put on my eyeliner…without wings…that makes my eyes look fantastic.  And the lipstick looks so great that I can ignore the fact that I despise the feeling of lipstick.

When I finished reapplying my makeup I felt amazing.  The new makeup really gave me a lift…made me feel beautiful.  It seems silly that a little mascara and some lipstick made such a big difference…but it did.

I guess my mother has been right all these years.





  1. Oh my gosh – I HATE lipstick too… I’m obsessed with lip gloss, and balm and I have about 10 tubes in my purse but at the same time I put it on and forget it… only reapplying if my lips are dry and usually that’s just some version of chapstick I have in my purse. I always feel like a poor excuse for a girl when I don’t have on lipstick but I hate the feeling of it most of the time AND my hair gets stuck in it.

    I’m so happy you found the colors you want – I am constantly trying to find colors that work for me but when I see what goes well with blue eyes I sort of freak out… blue eyeshadow are you serious?

    I have often thought I might like to go to a counter at the mall and get them to do my make-up… The first time I got my trial make up for the wedding I looked insane… Mike hated it I could tell but he was polite… I hated it and got a lot of strange looks when we ran in Walmart and I was over fancified for the occasion… she thankfully did it much less crazy after seeing me OUT on the town w/ light make-up and when I showed her an image of Lauren Conrad w/ light make-up. Thankfully my wedding make-up didn’t end up being too stark.

    You know what else I hate… foundation. I refuse to wear that stuff I feel like I have a mask on if I try to wear it {my wedding day I felt like my face might crack, but I did look flawless}.

    You’ll totally have to share the products you purchased I’d love to see the eyeshadow, it sounds amazing.

  2. It’s true! I’ve found that since Ryan left, the days that I don’t do my hair/put on make up, I feel crappy. Something about looking good makes me feel good. Even if I’m not going anywhere. Plus, taking those 15 minutes to do something for me is always nice.

  3. Well I have convinced myself that I don’t need makeup, despite the fact that when I look at pictures where I’m au natural, compared to the ones where I have at least some on, I honestly need *some*. But one bad experience at the Clinique counter has kept me from going back at all. So bring those little tips and tricks with you and we’ll make me beautiful again.

    Also, I believe that the only place one should see wings is on birds and maxi pads.

  4. I’ve never been a lipstick person, it just looks funny on me, regardless of the shade. Too much for my face or something. I’m all about the gloss though! While I’ve slowly converted over to Benefit (they have a new liquid foundation that’s like butta, I’ve hated liquid up until trying this), I will always go to MAC for eyeshadow.

  5. I do not have the best of luck at makeup counters, so I applaud your courage, and its fantastic that you walked out with a great new look.
    I’ve become a big fan of Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm, and its great – a nice, sheer colour, and Sula lip gloss is also fantastic.

  6. I’m not a fan of makeup either. I always feel like a clown when I have it on, and have yet to perfect the subtle look. Your Mac makeup counter guy sounds hysterical though. I love how you basically went against everything he told you (I totally would have done the same).

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