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I was recently looking for something to read and I came across “White Girl Problems” by Babe Walker.  The book is Babe’s memoir of her very difficult life growing up in Beverly Hills with a wealthy father and everything she could have ever wanted.  The book had great reviews so I bought it.

Apparently, Babe has a blog and has been a Twitter for a while (with over 600,000 followers)…but I’m usually a little late to the party, so I had no idea who she was.  I was expecting something along the lines of Jen Lancaster…a sarcastic girl poking fun at her privileged upbringing.

What I got was Paris Hilton…or, at least, how I imagine Paris Hilton to be…a spoiled brat with a fantastic life who complains about nonsense and is sort of miserable.  To say that I was annoyed at the book was an understatement.  It was so irritating that I almost stopped reading in the middle.  I thought to myself “This chick cannot possibly be serious.  This has got to be a joke.”

I did some research on Babe Walker.  I read her blog and I started following her on Twitter.  I Googled her…but I couldn’t really find anything.  Everything I read said the author was “elusive” and “notoriously interview shy”.

And then I found this.  WARNING…this article will explain who Babe Walker really is and I can see it being a little bit of a letdown if you want to believe she is who she claims.

Personally, after I read the article, I totally got it.  I completely understood the book…and I thought it was brilliant.  Hilariously funny and really, really smart.

My advice…read the book and then read the article.  And then follow Babe on Twitter @whitegrlproblem.  Once you understand where it’s all coming from it’s pretty funny.


  1. See, after having read the article, I would say read the article and THEN read the book. Otherwise, I could see myself being just as annoyed at the book as you were. Except, I probably would have just quit, without doing any more research or anything. But a little backstory like that, would make me enjoy the reading of it even more.

  2. Sounds a lot like http://seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com/ which parodied the tropes of the Mormon mommy-bloggers, though SSB might be a little more obvious and over-the-top than it sounds like WGP is.

  3. Of course I had to click on the link first to find out who this Babe person is… I see. It does sound interesting though and I will definitely follow on Twitter, but I can see how one should read the book first THEN click on the link :p I’m always screwing it up.

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