Oh the guilt…

I’ve had quite a few conversations lately with other bloggers about something I’ve been feeling more and more lately…blogging guilt.  Let me explain…

As many of you know, blogging takes up a lot of time.  A lot.  Putting together a good post and editing it can sometimes take me two hours.  But blogging isn’t just about writing my own posts…it’s also about reading all of yours.  Some weeks I have tons of free time and I can write as much as I want and I can spend hours reading and commenting on other people’s blogs.  Other weeks, I have almost no time at all and I’m reading posts on my phone while I’m waiting in line at the grocery store.  That makes coming up with a meaningful comment and actually typing it out a little more difficult.

I feel guilty when I don’t comment on other blogs. I know how great it is to get comments and I feel like I’m letting other bloggers down when I fail to post a comment…especially when they’ve written something great.  But when I’m trying to read as many posts as I can while I gulp down my lunch at my desk, it’s just really hard to lean over the takeout container to type, while also trying to eat.  So I skip the comment and think…Oh, I’ll just comment tomorrow.  But then I’m busier the next day.

I wish I had more time.  I wish I could sit down for two hours each night and read every blog I love and write witty and meaningful comments on each post I read.  Maybe someday someone will pay me to be a blogger and it will be my job to sit at my computer all day doing nothing but writing and reading and commenting.  Unfortunately, today is not that day and I have a different job that I have to go to and other responsibilities that take up my time.

Please know this…I am reading your blogs every day.  If I skip a day, I go back the next day and read everything I’ve missed.  I want to comment…I really do.  And I will try to do it more often.  But even when I don’t…know that I’m reading.

Do any of you experience the same guilt?


  1. Occasionally. Though more often than not I read a great post but I don’t really have anything to add to it and I don’t like leaving a generic “loved this” or “good job” comment, as some bloggers find those patronizing.

    As long as my RSS/email subscriber numbers don’t drastically change, though, I figure more folks are reading rather than not and try not to let the lack of comments any given post bother me :)

  2. I get that guilt. Sometimes weeks go by before I have a chance to work up a post. I keep a running list of things to post about, but I can’t always find the time. I gotta say, it makes me feel better that it takes others a good amount of time to work up a post–I thought I was just slow. 😛

    I don’t get a chance to read blogs everyday. I do read on my phone sometimes, but it’s a pain in the ass to comment via phone so often times I just don’t. I realize that one of the best ways to get traffic to your own blog is to comment on others, but sometimes there is just too much IRL stuff to get there.

  3. I do experience this from time to time. I know the world will go round if I don’t get to comment on people’s posts but I still feel bad. I love getting comments! You just have to remember to do what you can when you can :) The fact that you are reading is what makes it worth blogging everyday. :)

  4. Oh heck yes!! I use Google Reader and when it gets so full that it is overwhelming I just mark it all as read and start over. Unfortunately, I do that more frequently than I care to mention.

  5. Right there with you! I’ve been slacking on commenting for a few months now. I still read everyone’s posts and intend on going back to comment….and then don’t. It’s insanely time consuming and I just don’t have any free time right now. I do notice that the less I comment on others blogs the less they comment on mine. I’ve come to terms with that.

  6. I right there with you – blogger’s guilt is a horrible thing.
    I think I should just copy and paste this right onto my blog to let people know that I do still care what’s going on.
    Either way – I understand.
    Enjoy your lunch and let go of the guilt.

  7. YES! YES! YES! YES! I could fill this whole comment box with YES’s. Shanarhymeswithbanana, you are officially excused from commenting on my blog. I adore you and want YOU to be happy. You are always so kind to comment, but I promise to adore you just as much if you don’t. I have found this whole blogging “comment on mine and I’ll comment on yours” thing stressful from the get-go. Like, losing sleep stressful. I honestly don’t know how to build a readership, I just know that I’ve met some amazing people (including you, little missy) through blogging but I get so scared and stressed if I don’t comment. Frustrating, right? So, to make a long story longer, I’m there with ya, sistah.

  8. Yes, I feel this way sometimes too! I even took a few weeks off from commenting. I think it’s ok. We all understand, we’ve all been there. Do what you can, you are only human :)

  9. I feel you. I really do. Also I do read your blogs most days even when I don’t comment :) Sometimes I just can’t think of what to say to people after I read their blogs and sometimes I have a paragraph to write in response. Sometimes I’m just lazy.

  10. Comments don’t mean as much to me as knowing people are reading along. But that’s just my personal feelings on it.

  11. I experience this guilt all the time, too. It’s natural. We just all lead such hectic lives that it’s hard to do it all. And there are certain weeks I just miss so much in a blogger’s life that the idea of going back and reading it all seems daunting… but we’re all human and can only do what we can.

    XOXO don’t you worry, Shana. I still love you, whether you comment or not. And I assume it’s because you’re very busy.

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