Welcome Home…

Dad came home yesterday!  Two months after his accident, he’s finally done with hospitals and rehab.  He’ll still go to physical therapy and doctors appointments, but he’ll be an outpatient.  He’ll still go home every night. 

He was so happy to be home that he was even doing a little dance last night…wiggling his butt around while my brother provided the accompanying singing.  They make a pretty good comedy team, those two. 

Here are a couple of photos of his first night…

Sitting in the den, claiming victory...


His first nap in his own bed...


Edward was especially happy that his daddy was home...


 Dad’s been catching up on the blog this week and reading everyone’s comments.  He wanted me to thank everyone…your good wishes and prayers and support meant a lot to him.  He’s actually working on a guest post so he can thank everyone himself.

And I’d like to thank you all again, as well.  The support I received from everyone was overwhelming.  Thank you so much!




  1. Yay Dad! Welcome home!!!!!

  2. This is such great news!
    You dad is an amazing man – I would’ve been milking this for al the symapthy I could get.
    He will be more than ready to kick the guy’s butt that did this to him when they finally catch him.

  3. That is such good news. Hope he continues to make a full recovery. Congrats!

  4. I’m finding it hard to concentrate after the picture of that ADORABLE DOG! OMG I want to bite his face off he’s so cute. Okay, snap out of it, Nicole.

    Congratulations to your Dad! And to you and your family. That kind of thing affects everyone, not just the victim. So yay to all of you for being so supportive and getting isht done for your Dad’s sake. And kudos to your Dad for being so strong and determined and for not letting something awful consume him. Yays all around!

  5. WOO HOO!!! Love the butt dance! Haha! I’d be doing the same thing! What an awesome miracle he’s been given. So glad to hear he is home and doing well. I hope his physical therapy goes smoothly and that he is back to his old self as soon as possible! He’s obviously a strong guy!

    Edward is adorable.

  6. Awww, YAY!!!! Welcome home :) And you have the cutest little doggie… Looks like he’s very happy to have you back, too. Best wishes!

  7. Your dad looks like he’s in SUCH high spirits and I couldn’t be happier for him and your family!!! Welcome home!!!

  8. YAY DAD!!! So excited your home! (Just in case Dad is still reading). So glad you were able to wiggle your butt and dance. I hope to soon see you and have a clumsy (only because of me) first dance. Love to you and all, Shana!

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