1. Of course you can do it! I love this list. It’s so much fun to see everyone’s to dos. Can’t wait to see the refinished furniture!

  2. Absolutely! You can DO EET!

    I mainlined Mad Men this fall via Netflix and, yes, it is worth the hype. Now I’m waiting patiently for the 5th season to get here.

    And I spent much of the week between Christmas and New Years at home in pjs. I was shocked to find that it *is* possible to get tired of it, and Friday I got dressed in real clothes just because.

    Congrats on having your credit cards at $0! I’m about to pay another one off but I’ve got a fair ways to go before they’re all done!

    Happy New Year, Shana!

  3. Actually I think 18 items on the list is quite the accomplishment considering none of them were list fillers. They all took time and effort and some amount of planning. I am so bad at the cleaning of the inbox. I am clearly going to need the secret to your success on that one.

  4. I feel like you did #49 in Kentucky unless I’m getting the days mixed up. Was the morning of the walk on the same day as the wine tasting?

    Congrats on the $0 credit card balances, that’s pretty amazing!

  5. Heck yea, I think you can do it! I’m impressed with the many items you’ve already crossed off the list :)

    Happy New Year, Shana! Hope you had a wonderful one this year. Sounds like it was nice and relaxing–which is likely just what you needed. XOXO

  6. Wow – you are making excellent progress!
    And look at all that you have (and will) accomplish if not for this list.
    That is awesome.

  7. Since my first visit to your site, I have been in admiration of 101 in 1001. Is this a concept you’re willing to share? Pretty please with Cupcake Angel Food Chardonnay on top? This sounds like a great project and you’ve already accomplished so much! Much love!

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