Random Musings Friday…

It’s my last Random Musings Friday of the year!  I can’t even believe how quickly the year has gone by.  I feel like it was just last week that it was January…and here we are, getting ready to celebrate another new year.  Time really does fly. 

So as not to waste any more of it…here are this week’s random musings…


  • The other night, I couldn’t sleep, so I was up at 4am and the only thing I could find to watch on TV was Hoarders.  There was a marathon going on.  I think altogether I watched ten episodes.  By the time I got to one where they were finding dead cats under piles of diapers, I couldn’t take it any more.  I turned the TV off and scrubbed my entire house, top to bottom.  Every Christmas present got put away, every item of clothing got folded or hung up, all the empty boxes got put into recycling and all the Christmas wrapping supplies got put back into the attic.  I even seriously considered getting rid of about half the contents of my house…but stopped short of such a dramatic change.  J hates Hoarders, but said we can now watch it whenever I want if it’s going to inspire me to keep the pick up after him on a regular basis. 
  • We were watching something on TV the other night…I can’t remember what…and they were talking about how you should do butt crunches and stomach crunches whenever you have some extra time in my day.  When J looked over at me, I was bouncing around in my chair.  When he asked what the hell I was doing I replied “Butt and stomach crunches of course…I had some extra time.”  He just shook his head like he’s resigned himself to the fact that he lives with a crazy person. 
  • NYC cabs have TVs in the back seat and they run little segments from the morning news shows.  Usually, I turn the TV off when I get in a cab, but the other day I wanted to see the weather report.  It was followed by a news story about the hottest new plastic surgery sweeping the nation…knee rejuvenation surgery.  Not even kidding.  Women with saggy knees are having surgery to tighten up the skin and make their knees look younger.  I’m curious what kind of money you must have to blow a ton of cash on something like this.  Isn’t it just easier to wear longer skirts or pants?
  • Have you seen the Lexus commercials on TV?  You know the song?  I think at this point everyone does.  I’ve seen those commercials so many times in the last two months that I now hear the song in my sleep.  I’m sick of it.  I can’t wait until the December to Remember sales event is over so I can stop hearing that damn song.  Lexus people, if you are listening…please get a new song next year. 
  • And lastly…who is it that can afford to buy someone a Lexus for Christmas?  I suspect it’s the same people who are having knee rejuvenation surgery.

Now…due to popular demand…I’ve created a link up!  Finally!!!  If you want to join in on the Random Musings Friday fun, grab the button above and submit your link here.  I can’t wait to see what you all have been musing about this week!




  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! A linkup! Happy New Year’s to me (oh….and you of course)!

    And for the record, Lexus commercials are not as homicide-inducing as the McDonald’s filet o fish ones during Lent.

  2. I’m first!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so glad you figured out the link up! This is going to be so much more fun! I hope this link up catches on and grows!

    I don’t watch Hoarders for all of those reasons. Dead kitties make me cry, pathetic selfish people with no will to help themselves really piss me off, and I would be up for days cleaning my house. No thanks!

    Don’t hate; I actually like the Lexus commercials, as far fetched and eye roll inducing as they are. There’s just something about car porn that makes me happy.

    As for the butt crunches you should totally have added the line “…and now you’re doing them, too.” because how could we resist?

    Happy New Year, Shana! I hope this year gets better and better for you and your family!

  3. We do not watch Hoarders in our house. Partly because I have the same reaction as you and want to throw out everything we own, but mostly because it makes Phil feel like he’s at work.
    It is apparently much more common than we know *shudder*

  4. thank you for the lexus comment – I never even paid attention to the theme song until these commercials came out. To which I was like WHO KNOWS THAT SONG BY HEART?!?!? Now I do.. thanks Lexus and yes.. who is buying that for Christmas!!!

    Hoarders has the same effect on me… I should only watch it on the weekends when I have a lot of time!

  5. If there’s nothing else on, I’ll watch a few episodes of Hoarders. It always makes me so sad though and I just feel horrible for the people stuck in those houses and the family members who don’t know what to do with the person who refuses to throw anything away. But it is nice to see them de-clutter their lives at the end and learn why they are doing these things in the first place.

    Thankfully Intervention was on yesterday. Another feel-good show.

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