What I’m Reading…

It’s been a while since I did one of these and I’ve read quite a few books since then.  Here is a sampling…

First, I decided to give Janelle Brown another try.  After reading This Is Where We Live and hating it, I wasn’t sure I should, but everything I read said All We Ever Wanted Was Everything was so much better.  Here’s the basic plot…Paul’s company goes public and he makes a ridiculous amount of money.  The same day, he messengers his wife a letter to let her know he’s leaving her for her best friend…and he’s taking all the money with him.  Their older daughter gets dumped by her boyfriend, the magazine she runs goes under and she finds herself on the brink of bankruptcy.  Their younger daughter loses a ton of weight and becomes the school slut.  Janice and her daughters hole up in their house and try to avoid all their problems…but in the end, learn that avoidance doesn’t work. 

I did like this book better than the last Janelle Brown book I read, but I still didn’t love it.  It wasn’t obvious or predictable…but parts of it were a little far-fetched and difficult to believe.  As the characters dealt with one catastrophe after another, I kept thinking that no one is THAT unlucky!  And they all refused to help themselves, choosing instead to wallow in thier situations…which drives me crazy like nothing else. 

I was happy that, in the end, they all seemed to man up and take care of themselves and each other.  Overall, I was happy I read the book, but I don’t know that I’d read a new book by Janelle Brown.  There are too many other great authors out there.



I love Ellen Degeneres.  I’ve watched her show since it started.  I think she’s smart and funny and I love that she’s not afraid to embrace her wierdness.  So I was really excited to read this book…and I was disappointed.  I expected that, much like Bossypants, this book would make me laugh out loud all the way through.  It didn’t.  There were some pretty funny parts and there were some sweet stories about her life with Portia, but there were some parts where I thought “Did she re-read that before she published it?  Because it’s not even a little funny.”  And that’s why I was disappointed.

However, the overall message she tries to put across is that you are in charge of your own happiness.  You should celebrate who you are and the things that make you unique and you should do what makes you happy…so long as you aren’t hurting anyone.  And that message is one that I love. 

So read the book…if only to take away that message.  It’s so important. 




All the things I was hoping to get from Ellen’s book, I got here…from Mindy Kaling.  I don’t watch The Office, but I’ve seen her in a couple of other things and I always thought she was funny.  This book proved it.  She tells great stories and she’s honest and she’s a little sarcastic…and I loved all of it.  I laughed out loud often and I flew through the book and was sad when I was finished.  She’s someone I would love to be friends with.

This one is definitely worth reading…now.  In fact…I might even give The Office another try…just because I thought this book was so funny.






Well…there you have it.  That’s what I’ve been reading.  Are you guys reading anything good???


  1. OOo fun! Books! My 101 list included Biographies and Ellen’s was on it, and while you know I’m a total proponent of controlling your own happiness, it doesn’t sound like the comedic relief I was hoping for. I have the Steve Jobs book and I’ll definitely add Mindy’s to the list. Thanks for the recs!

    As for the first book, I can tell you that I am THAT unlucky! Haha! 2008 was a ridiculous year. Literally every single month something horrible happened and it got to be so bad that is was just FUNNY. My bestie deemed me to be God’s Muse (GM), because who else could make such a shitty year so funny? I’ll be skipping the book though, it drives me crazy reading books where the main characters are wimpy and woe is me. I avoid friends like that, too. Too draining.

  2. I also read Ellen’s book and Mindy Kaling’s book. They were both okay to me but I didn’t really love either. I need to do one big book review of all the books I read in South Africa. I read a lot.

  3. I read the Janelle Brown book you talk about in this post when it first came out, and liked it enough to try her second. I didn’t finish the second, but I found it funny you read them in reverse, lol!

    I LOVED Mindy Kaling’s book! I used to watch The Office, and she’s the best writer they have (IMO).

    I’m in the middle of The Hunger Games right now and am trying to read the second & third books of the trilogy before The Hunger Games movie is released in March. The book is excellent so far!

  4. I looooooove Mindy Kaling! Her’s and Tina Fey’s books are on the top of my list to read in the new year!

    I’m reading Sex, Drugs and Coco Puffs by Chuck Klosterman. Its a bit outdated but funny nonetheless.

    BTW I’m glad I ‘fumbled’ upon your blog! I like it here!

  5. I am reading Mindy Kaling’s book right now, and I have determined that she, Tina Fey and I should be bff’s – kind of like how she imagined working at SNL would be like…

  6. I love Mindy and want to read her book so bad – I really wish she had more face time on The Office because I love her character Kelly. :) I also have started Bossypants and love it!

  7. I am very behind in blogging so I am trying to catch up. I love the mindy kaling book and want to be BFFs with her too. She has also written several of my favorite office eps like the wedding one and The Injury from season two.

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