A great present…

Today is my birthday.  I’ve officially reached an age that I don’t want to discuss.  I was actually planning to just skip the whole deal this year…except then I remembered that you don’t get presents if you skip the day!  So I’m recognizing it.

And I got the best present last night…

Dad is officially out of the hospital and settled into the rehab facility!!!!!  How this all happened is a long story that I will tell you next week.  But it was the best news we’ve gotten since Dad’s accident and it’s a fantastic birthday present.

This holiday season is getting better and better.

Now…I wonder what J got me…


  1. HURRAY!!! That is wonderful news, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Sorry I’ve fallen off the bloggy wagon lately but I have been checking in and your dad has been in my thoughts – I got all caught up yesterday and am so happy to hear he’s being transferred. Rehab facilities provide a much nicer feeling than hospitals. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and fabulous Christmas!

  2. WOHOO!!! Fantastic news and definitely a good present. Happy Birthday :)

    I hope J got you something nice and sparkly–those are the best presents (well, second to your dad getting out of the hospital, of course).

  3. Oh that’s great news. So glad your Dad is recovering nicely and finally out of the hospital and in rehab. And a happy birthday to you! Did you get dual birthday/Christmas presents when you were a kid? I heard that’s what happens when your birthday is too close to Christmas.

  4. That’s great news. Have a great birthday and I hope J got you something lovely.

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday, again, Shana! 😀 I’m so excited that your dad is recovering so well and so quickly! He’s a trooper, that’s for sure!

    I hope J got you something shiny and sparkly! 😀

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope it’s magical.

    So happy to hear your dad is out of the hospital! I’m sure he has a lot of hard work ahead of him, but at least he’s not spending Christmas in the hospital:)

  8. I’ve already said it but Happy Birthday girl. You deserve it and an amazing Holiday season as well! oxoxo

  9. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHANA! I didn’t realize you were a December baby :)

    Hope you and J have a wonderful Christmas together and I can’t wait to hear how your holidays were. Also, great news that your dad is out of the hospital. So happy to hear that. XOXO

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