Wordless Wednesday…

I promised you more pictures of Christmas in NY.  Well…here you go…


The snowflake that hangs over Fifth Ave and 57th Street.  It’s so pretty and I can never get a really good photo of it. 


Trump Tower all lit up in stars.


Cartier wrapped up like a present. 


Henri Bendel…where the gown was made out of jelly beans.


More Bendel…on the side of the main windows they have small dioramas that are supposed to be NYC apartments.  I loved them.



My favorites…the angels at Rockefeller Plaza.



And, of course, the Christmas tree.


 I hope you enjoyed this little mini tour of NYC’s Christmas decorations.


  1. Your pictures are terrific! I tried taking a pic of the tree the other night and then a bald guy stepped right in front of my camera. Oh well. At least I have your pics to drool over. And the little figurines are SO CUTE!!! EEEEEP, will have to come around that way to check them out.

  2. This makes me miss living in Boston this time of year. Also I need to visit NYC and stat!

  3. It’s almost as good as being there! Thanks for posting all these :)

  4. I love these!! The tree made me get all teary-eyed. No idea why.

    That jellybean coat is just amazing, and the NYC apartment scenes are hilarious.

    The girl on the table? That’s me circa 2008. *face palm* So glad I’ve calmed down a wee bitsy.

  5. Holy Beautifulness! Ok, lady, I’m starting from the VERY BEGINNING to read about you. So don’t be too freaked if you receive comments on posts you wrote ages ago. Sometimes it’s hard to keep my trap shut. HUGE HUGS (((())))!

  6. I love the photos! How beautiful NYC is. Simply magical!

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