1. Here is my help to get you in the Christmas Spirit. Last night I found all those Christmas books I won in your giveaway last year. I had forgotten about them and it was very exciting. I might read Hobie one tonight. Also ABC Family starts it’s 25 days of Christmas movies tonight so there’s bound to be something Christmassy on the TV. Yay, Go Christmas! I’m going to do my Christmas tree this weekend.

  2. I think you are exactly right.
    It may seem hard to find that Christmas spirit, but you would regret it if you didn’t celebrate it.
    I think the kiva loans are so great. You can bet I’ll be tweeting about it!

  3. If you get around to bergdorfs would you take pictures for me? I miss walking by those windows!

    Love your giveaway idea :)

    I can’t get officially in to the Christmas spirit until after I take the CISA on the 10th, but decorations are up and I will be getting my tree this weekend!

  4. This time last year we were having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, too: the house we were renting had been foreclosed on and we weren’t sure where or when, exactly, we were going to move but we knew it was going to be in the next few weeks.

    A first-world problem, sure, but it made it tough to enjoy the season. We moved exactly a week before Christmas after some serious issues with the property management company, but pulled it together just before Christmas Eve to be able to enjoy the new place.

    The perk? We now had a fireplace for the holidays. It’s the little things that can make the headache worth it. I like your plan for getting into the holiday mood!

  5. Crap! I left a comment on your other blog. Just wanted to say HI and tell you I’m glad we found one another through BlogHer. We’re gonna be tight, I can tell.

    I would kill or die for Lady Gaga to decorate my… anything.

    Looking forward to more posts!

  6. Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic says:

    This is what I love about you, and your spirit. I know you’re down and for good reason which you have every right to be. I can’t believe someone did that to your dad. I’m still floored as well!!!

    I love that you finally have yourself in the financial place you want to be with all your hard work and instead of being greedy you’re giving back! You have a huge heart Shana and I love that about you!!!

    Merry Christmas I hope you find the spirit, you have it in you for sure. If it makes you feel any better I haven’t put up my tree either… I usually wait until after my birthday because I’m silly!

  7. How exciting! This would get me step closer to crossing off one of the things on my 101 list, too! Is this the thing Oprah was talking about a few years ago for her Favorite Things list? I love this!

    I so hope you find some Christmas spirit! *I’M* in the spirit just by reading about you looking for cookie recipes! (because then I got side tracked and checked out Pinterest for a second. Haha!)

    I’ve also been DVRing shows left and and right. Poor Ryan is so tired of hearing Christmas music, his head’s GOT to be spinning.


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