Here’s what I know…

The cops took a really long time to show up at the scene of my father’s accident and they barely took a report before the ambulance took my dad away.  They never showed up at the hospital and they never attempted to contact my family at all.

The cops were down the street at the scene of another accident and saw the car that hit my father…a silver BMW with a smashed windshield…drive by.  While he was stopped at a light, one of the officers walked over and asked him if he was ok.  He said he was and she let him drive away…even though driving with a broken windshield isillegalt in New York.  She never attempted to get his information at all.

When my brother tried to get a copy of the accident report and find out the status of the investigation, he was told that they police couldn’t talk to him since he wasn’t involved in the accident.  The cop my brother spoke to told him that my dad would have to come into the station himself to obtain a copy of the report.  When my brother tried to explain that my dad was in the hospital, they told him to get a letter from the hospital as proof.

And the most ridiculous fact of all…the police have closed the case.  The reason they gave…my dad didn’t die as a result of the accident.

I’m not even joking.

My mom called the police station yesterday and tried to explain that while my dad survived, he’s still in ICU in critical condition.  He’s got two broken legs and a broken arm.  He’s looking at weeks and weeks of hospitalization and therapy to regain the use of his legs.  He’s going to be out of work for a few months.  This wasn’t just a minor incident…he almost died!  How could the police not do anything???

The sergeant my mom spoke to said to get a letter detailing his injuries and then they could possibly reopen the cas… at their discretion.  I don’t understand how this is at anyone’s discretion.  A crime was committed…these are the police…it’s their job to investigate that crime to the best of their ability and help to bring the guilty person to justice.  They don’t just get to decide not the look into it.

Except, they do get to decide that apparently.

The moral of the story is…if you are going to commit a crime in the Bronx, just make sure you don’t kill anyone and you have nothing to worry about.  The cops won’t even look for you.

If that’s the message they are sending, it’s really no wonder the crime rates in the Bronx are so high.




  1. Wow. That is insane and upsetting. I would keep at it and hopefully they will reopen the case.

  2. Oh, wow–that’s horrible! I mean, I get that police forces pretty much everywhere have a lot on their plates but a hit and run like that seems severe enough to keep looking into.

    Maybe there’s a way to go through his insurance policy to keep the police involved? Get someone with bigger guns that has a financial interest in finding the driver and the police might be forced to take notice.

    I’m so sorry.

  3. That is so beyond ridiculous that there are just no words!!! What if you dad wants info on the guy to bring a civil case? They don’t even have that?!? I seriously can’t comprehend the thought process behind seeing the guy in the car with the smashed windshield and letting him drive away. I just cannot wrap my mind around this. WOW.

  4. WTHELL!?!?
    I am stunned beyond words. As shocked and appalled as I was that the man hit your dad and drove away, I am doubly so at the apathy of the cops. How can they think that is ok?

  5. !!!!! I don’t even have words to describe how jaw-droppingly incredible this is. I can NOT believe they talked to the driver and let him DRIVE AWAY! what?! My mind is blown. You need to keep pressure on the police to get this reopened. That drivers insurance needs to be paying for all your dad’s medical expenses. OH. I can only imagine what you are feeling right now.

  6. That is jsut absolutely insane. It’s mind-boggling. I’d be telling your story to every press outlet you can get your hands on.

  7. This is beyond unsettling. What the hell is wrong with these people? I wonder what legal rights you have to sue them from wrongdoing. I’m not even one of those sue everyone types of people, but on this I’m totally serious.

  8. Absolutely disgusting and discouraging. I really hope this issue gets resolved and the other driver is caught and brought to justice! Praying for your dad’s recovery.

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