My weekend in review…

Normally by the Monday after Thanksgiving, I’ve got my house decorated for Christmas and my tree up and 95% of my shopping done.  Not this year.  This year, I’ve done none of those things.  Instead, my Thanksgiving weekend looked like this…

On Friday, I spent the day with my grandfather.  I took him to the doctor and to visit my dad.  Then we went to McDonald’s to eat…which wasn’t good for either of us…but it was oh so tasty.  Spending the day with my grandfather isn’t something I get to do very often and it was really nice.  When I got home, J and I debated for two hours about whether we wanted to drive to CT that night or the next morning.  By the time we decided we wanted to drive up that night, we were both too tired…so we went to bed instead.

On Saturday, our plan was to get up at 6AM and drive to CT early.  We had a lot to do up there and we wanted to have the whole day to do it.  Instead, we didn’t get out of bed until 10:30 and then we laid around the house in our pajamas until 2.  By the time we got to CT, it was practically dark outside.  So we rearranged the furniture in the den and then we spent the night shopping online.  Etsy and I are now best friends. 

Sunday was such a gorgeous day that we spent a few hours playing with the dogs in the yard and completely ignoring all the things we had to take care of.  Then we ate lunch and watched the Jets game, packed up the car and headed back to NY.  I went to visit my dad and then we ate take out and were in bed by 10.  Sometimes we’re so old!

Overall, the weekend wasn’t a total bust.  We rested a lot…which we needed because we’ve been running around non-stop for a week and a half.  I also got quite a bit of Christmas shopping done…and managed to stick to my plan to buy everyone handmade items from small businesses.  I’m sure I’m going to have to make a few purchases from larger stores, but I’m determined to buy everyone something that is handmade. 

There is a plan tonight to go through the Christmas decorations in the attic and divide them up between the two houses.  I’d also like to get both Christmas trees up and finish my shopping before the weekend.  It’s ambitious, but luckily I’m off work tomorrow and Wednesday, so I have high hopes for getting it done. 

I know some people are checking here for the updates on my dad…I’ve received a few complaints that I slacked off a little over the weekend…sorry about that.  The official update is…Dad had to be on a respirator for a few days, but he’s off it now.  He was awake and alert yesterday, but really restless.  He couldn’t really get comfortable and he’s sick of laying in bed all day.  They are going to get him up and into a chair sometime today and he’s really looking forward to it.  Unfortunately, he’s developed a slight case of pneumonia, so he’s on antibiotics and he has to wear an oxygen mask.  Hopefully, they will knock that out quickly and he can finally start to feel better.  Thank you all so much for your continued prayers.


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I wish we could have laid around. Ryan hunted a lot, my mom and I shopped a little bit, and we ate and ate and ate. I’m pretty sure the scale is going to laugh at me tomorrow morning. Good luck with Christmas decor! I finally figured out how to do ours without killing our children.

    I hope your dad’s pneumonia clears up soon. I’ve had it a couple of times, and usually once you get antibiotics, it doesn’t take more than a couple of days to start feeling better. Still praying!

  2. Sometimes you just need a weekend to relax and take it easy, especially this time of year when things get so crazy with the holidays.

    Am happy to hear that your dad continues to improve though I’m sorry about the pneumonia. Thanks for keeping us posted! XOXO

  3. That sounds like a great weekend! I love the lounging around in your pj’s until 2pm weekends.
    Phil and I wentured into the stores this weekend…the thing I forget about making all of my Christmas gifts is that I still need to go shopping for the things that I need to make the gifts.
    I am glad to hear your dad is off the respirator – he’ll be home in no time!

  4. You’ve received complaints that you have slacked off over the weekend?!? Wow…big apology to those complainers…you were probably busy trying to cope with a huge life event and perhaps trying not to lose your mind.

    I lost my dad to cancer two years ago and any time a parent is going through a health crisis I am definitely of the opinion that you deserve a free pass whether it’s Starbucks, a chick flick movie night, or general bitching session…simply to keep your own mental health so you can be strong for everyone else.
    Praying for you and your family :)

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