Random Musings Friday…

Happy Friday!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate far too much turkey and mashed potatoes.  Despite the fact that the holiday wasn’t quite what we planned, we managed to have a nice dinner and we all ate far too much.  Unfortunately, Dad had a bit of a set back the other night…his lungs weren’t working properly and were filling with fluid and they had to put him on a respirator.  That, in turn, is causing some other complications.  They are going to try to take him off the respirator today and, hopefully, I’ll have some better news later on today.

In the interest of getting things back to normal around here…I’ve decided to give you guys a Random Musings Friday list.  Most of these were supposed to go up last week…so I guess, better late than never!

  • The other day when I told my friend SJ about my dad, he couldn’t quite wrap his head around what had happened.  Here’s how the conversation went…
    SJ: So he got hit…with a car…while he was walking?
    Me: Yes…that’s right.
    SJ: And he went up over the windshield and broke it…like in the movies???
    Me: Yup.
    SJ: Except he’s not Vin Diesel so he couldn’t just get up and run after the guy and grab him out of the car and punch him in the face?
    Me: Correct.
    SJ: That’s crazy!
    I can always count on SJ to make me laugh…regardless of the situation.
  • Whenever I get home later than expected, J greets me with “Where have you been?”  Is he serious?  He says it like I was out doing something exciting.  Usually what I’ve been doing was sitting on an overheated, crowded bus with people talking loudly about their ex-wife or humming hymns or coughing until they can no longer breathe.  Believe me…I wish I was anywhere else.  Yesterday, I was talking to my bus friend and she said that her husband says the exact same thing to her when she’s late.  I guess it’s a guy thing.
  • Every time I look at a picture of Justin Bieber I want to smack the stupid look off his face and give him a haircut.  It occurred to me the other day that this is probably how my mom felt about New Kids on the Block…and that made me feel really old.
  • As we walked through Times Square last week, we were approached by several guys trying to sell tickets to comedy clubs.  They all give you the same line…”Excuse me, but do you like comedy?”  And they will relentlessly follow you down the street.  Lord help you if they catch you at a red light.  Because how do you respond to that?  Well…I’ll tell you…because I like to be creative with it.  Once I told a guy that I didn’t like comedy because I was born without a sense of humor.  Once I said that I was a failed stand up comic and it was too painful for me to watch funny things.  And once I told a guy to please leave me alone because my grandmother had just died and I wasn’t in the mood…which actually happened to be true.  I really think those guys need to get a new line.
  • I read an article that Kylie Minogue auctioned off her panties for $8,000.  What kind of sick twist pays $8,000 for someone’s panties?  The world is a scary place sometimes.

And that’s it for this week.  Have a relaxing weekend and enjoy your Black Friday shopping and turkey leftovers!



  1. Haha. No one would pay that amount of money for my panties. Especially given the fact that I only replace them every 6-7 years. And couldn’t agree more about Beiber. Or as I call him, J. Beaver. Have a great rest of your weekend!

  2. Aww, I think it’s sweet that J asks you that each time you are in late. He’s obviously concerned about you :)

    And I am with you on the Bieber thing. That hair and smirk make me really happy I don’t have any young kids in the family who listen to that cr*p.

    Still thinking about your father and keeping him in my prayers.

    Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! XOXO

  3. How can you even compare Beibs to NKOTB?!?
    Justin Beiber is a smarmy little, hair tossing, high top-wearing, name-dropping weiner.
    And New Kids on the Block were AWESOME!

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