I’m not really here today…

I’m not really here today.  I’m actually over at From The Sidelines…talking about Thanksgiving football with a little help from my friend. 

I’m just stopping by to give a brief update.  My dad’s surgery finally happened yesterday and everything went very well.  By 5pm he was awake and talking and asking for root beer…and morphine.  He’s got casts on both legs and his arm, but they’ve got him sitting up today and the nurse just told me that he was eating breakfast.  It’s a huge relief to finally be making some progress.  Now he’ll start getting a little better each day. 

And a quick PSA…if you smoke…STOP!!!  Because my dad is such a heavy smoker, they had trouble intubating him for surgery yesterday.  The doctor also indicated that the smoking would impede the healing of his bones.  We’ve always worried about my dad getting lung cancer from his smoking…but it never occurred to us that he might someday be in this situation and face an extended recovery time because of the cigarettes.  You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow…so stop today and you won’t have to worry about things like this!

I’m off to start preparing for Thanksgiving…we have a lot to be thankful for this year!


  1. I quit smoking when I found out I was pregnant with the girls. SO glad I did, and now because of all of the heart issues, I have no desire to start again. It’s true that you never know what the long term effects of smoking can be. It’s hard to quit, too, but worth it in the long run. I was amazed at how much better I felt.

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! So glad to hear that your dad is out of surgery and doing well. :)

  2. So glad to hear he’s still doing so well. Glad they were finally able to do the surgery and, hey, he certainly can’t go out for a smoke break, now! (tarnished silver lining, right?)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! (Are they letting you smuggle in turkey, etc. to your dad?)

  3. So glad surgery went well. Hopefully now he’ll kick the habit, and glad he can finally start recovering!

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