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My dad’s accident has hijacked my posting schedule for the past few days.  I had so many things I wanted to talk about and I never got the chance.  So today…I’m going to take a few minutes and talk about things that have nothing to do with hospitals or injuries or illness.

First…Wicked.  Last Tuesday night my mom, Marisa and I went to see Wicked on Broadway.  IT WAS AMAZING!  Seriously.  The costumes were beautiful and the sets were gorgeous and the songs were fantastic.  It was magical in a way that is very difficult to experience as an adult.  I felt like I’d been transported to another world.  The only thing that I was a little sad about is that eight years ago I passed on the opportunity to see the show with Kristen Chenowith and Idina Menzel.  That would have been awesome.  As it was, it was completely wonderful…and if you have a chance to go see the show…take it!

Next…Twilight.  I know some of you think Twilight is the worst crap ever…but I love it.  I have enough reality on a daily basis…and sometimes I need an escape from that reality.  And Twilight is about as far from reality as one can get…the teen angst drama, the romance, the bloodsucking vampires.  I love it.  And Breaking Dawn was my favorite installment so far.  It also came at the perfect time.  Mom and I needed some distraction, so we went to see the sparkly vampires on Saturday night.  It was great.  If you are a fan and you haven’t seen it yet…go, now.  You’ll love it.

Lastly…Occupy Wall Street.  I haven’t really talked about this here, because I don’t want to offend anyone…but several people have asked my opinion recently so I thought I’d share it.  So here’s the thing…I don’t get it.  I have been watching the news and reading about this group for two months now and I still don’t know what it is that they are looking to accomplish…and I wonder if they know themselves.  I understand their anger and frustration, but I don’t see how what they are doing is going to make anything better.  And what they tried to do last Thursday…shutting down the subways and disrupting business on Wall Street itself…was ridiculous.  Because the people who are hurt by things like that aren’t the so-called “1%”…it’s the rest of us who are just trying to go to work and get around the city.  These people aren’t making any friends around the city and should really rethink their message…and their methods.

Ok…now that we’ve covered all of that…let’s move on to my dad.  He’s in surgery right now…they took him in about 8AM.  If all goes well, we expect him out around 2PM.  Then his healing can finally begin…and maybe he’ll get his wish of getting back to work soon.  Fingers crossed!  I know I’ve said this a thousand times…but I can’t say it enough…thank you so much for all the thoughts and prayers.  My dad is overwhelmed at the support he’s been getting and it’s so very appreciated.  You guys are the best!


  1. Wicked: YAY!

    Twilight: I’m undecided. Loved the books have laughed at the movies. That’s honestly been the best part of seeing them in the theater. Unintentional Comedy.

    Wallstreet: Our local UC is not making headlines for the pepper spray incident. Yes, the cops were idiots, but I’m ready for this all to be over. Has anything positive come out of the protests yet? I can’t help but think about what I did when I was unemployed TWICE. Every freakin day I was on the computer applying.

    Dad: YAY! I hope it all goes smoothly and the recovery time is faster than they think!

  2. Do an image search for “income inequality graph”. From what I understand that’s what a majority of OWSers are pissed about. The 1% continue to get richer while the middle class remains stagnant. That being said, I really have no idea if that’s what they are actually protesting. But, they are getting people talking about issues, so there is that.

    I’ve never read any Twilight books or seen the movies.

    I read Wicked. I enjoyed it, but was disappointed with all the unanswered questions. However, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the show. I would love to see it.

    So happy your dad is finally in surgery! Hope it all goes well.

  3. Please keep us updated on your poppa, Shan. I hope all is well with your family. XOXO

    Also, I understood the purpose for OWS when it first started and then heard from a friend whose sister was told it wasn’t going to happen (she was trying to get to her job) and then she was shoved. I’m all for the message as it started initially, but not when violence of any kind is used to enforce it. Whatever happened to peaceful protests?

    I must go see Wicked. Glad to hear you enjoyed the show!

  4. I am hoping on all hopes that we get to see Twilight this weekend. I’m with you, it’s a welcome escape from reality.

    I don’t think the Occupy Wall Street Protesters know what they’re protesting anymore either. I think they started out peacefully and are now just getting angrier and angrier to the point where they’ve lost their audience.

    I hope your dad’s surgery went well this morning! Now onto recovery!

  5. You know my feeling son both Wicked (yay!) and Twilight (boo!), so I will comment on the occupy movement…
    There was a kerfuffle here when a local blogger when down to where they were camping out (here in Edmonton) and interviewed some people. Everyone was giving conflicting information as to why they were there and what they were protesting. Then after she posted her blog she was told that she was banned from the site and would be escorted (out of the public park) by their security team (???).
    I think that this generation hasn’t had much to protest, so they are jumping on this, even though they can’t really say what its about.

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