I still can’t believe it…

My dad almost died last night.  He was crossing the street to his car last night after work and he was hit by a car.  The car hit him so hard it knocked his shoes and his glasses off his body and the force threw him about half a block.  He was rushed to the hospital with a broken arm, two broken legs, a broken nose, severe facial lacerations and some internal bleeding.  His blood pressure was extremely low and he had to have a transfusion.  When I got to the hospital with my mom, the nurse told us that it was touch and go and that things could go either way…we just had to wait and see.  We waited in the emergency room for hours and…after several hours of tests and sutures…they finally told us he’d taken a turn for the better and they no longer felt his injuries were life threatening.  He was, by no means, out of the woods…but he was stable and they were going to move him to the ICU.  This morning they gave us the same report…he’s stable and in the ICU.  My mom is on her way to the hospital now to find out more details.  I’ll be joining her there soon. 

This was an accident.  A complete case of wrong place, wrong time.  He was crossing a very busy road at night…it was dark out and he was wearing dark clothes.  It’s not crazy that the driver of the car didn’t see him.  Maybe he was on the phone…or changing the radio station…or simply pre-occupied.  Maybe he looked away for a second and didn’t know my dad was standing there.  Maybe…

But we’ll never know…because the driver of the car…kept driving.  He never even slowed down.  He just hit my dad and kept on going.  That’s the part I find completely unbelievable.

We know that it was a silver BMW and that his windshield was smashed.  Unfortunately, no one got a license plate or a model number.  Our chances of finding the person responsible are very slim. 

What I don’t understand is how you live yourself.  How do you hit a person and leave them for dead in the street and then just go on about your day?  What kind of cowardly, spineless, fucking douchebag bastard does something like that?  To that person I say…what goes around, comes around asshole.  I’m glad you can live with yourself…but I know that someday you’ll get what’s coming to you.  Because karma’s a real bitch.  You’ll see. 

If I find out anything more, I’ll update this post.  Please say a prayer for my dad, if you do that sort of thing and send out some good vibes.  He’s got a really long recovery ahead of him and he’s going to need all the good vibes and prayers he can get.

 UPDATE…My brother just saw my dad in ICU.  His first question was “Who is working at my store today?”  Second question was “When can I go back to work?…I’m really busy right now.”  There were also several business transactions discussed and orders issued.  I’m very relieved.


  1. OMG! That’s horrible! (Like you don’t already know that–sorry!)

    I so glad, though, that he’s stable and that it wasn’t worse. Healing thoughts heading north (and ones for justice, too).

  2. Oh Shana! I’m so glad your Dad is stable. I can’t even imagine someone leaving that kind of accident. This is when I wish all the cop shows were real and you’d be able to check the traffic cams that exist on ever street in those shows and were able to find the bastard!

  3. Oh my God, Shana. I’m sick for you. What an awful fothermucker that driver is. Despicable. Will be thinking of your dad today and hoping for a great recovery. Hugs to you, too <3

  4. Oh my God, Shana! I’m so sorry to hear this. :(

    The driver was probably drunk and thought that he killed him. Either way, they’ll find him (because he’s going to have to fix his windshield eventually) and he’s going to prison. He’ll get his.

    What a complete waste of humanity.

    Praying for your dad and a speedy recovery!

  5. Shana, I am so sorry to hear this. But I am thankful that your dad is stable and I hope that you continue to get good news today, that he continues to improve.

    I don’t understand what goes through a persons mind when they obviously hit something/someone with their car and then don’t stop. Something very similar happened here recently, but the victim was killed. Eventually they found out who did it. The person who hit your dad WILL get punishment, somehow. That’s just how the universe works.

    Sending positive thoughts to you and your family.

  6. Oh Shan – that is awful!
    Glad to hear that is awake and talking – sounds like your biggest hurdle now will be keeping him at home.
    I am sending truckloads of prayers and good wishes your way.
    As for the asshole who left him there – hopefully we don’t have for karma to find him. That douche deserves only the very worst!
    Love to your family.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about this. I have been out of the blog loop for a while, but still think of all you ladies often & lurk around to keep tabs on everyone.

    It baffles me how people can be so heartless, but I echo what everyone else has said- karma will catch up with that driver.

    Keeping your family in my thoughts & prayers. It sounds like he is determined to have a quick recovery!

  8. What an awful, horrible person to go into hiding. Nobody takes personal responsibility anymore. So sorry to hear about this trauma, and am definitely praying!

  9. Ugh… I just can’t believe what I’m reading. And the fact that this person just sped away is incomprehensible to me. As you said: karma is most definitely a bitch and what goes around comes around. What a horrible, horrible thing.

    Best wishes to your sweet poppa. XOXO

  10. Oh my gosh… I just saw a mention of this on Ally’s page and had to come over here and tell you how sorry I am to hear about this. What a horrible thing to deal with, but I am so glad that he’s okay. Your family is totally in my prayers as you move forward…



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