I am my mother…

My mother can never remember the name of any actor or movie or song.  Ever.  So we will often get calls from her and she’ll say “What is the name of that actor…you now…the guy…who was in that movie that time…with that girl and the dog…and it was raining?  Come on, you know.”  And we can usually figure it out after a while.  But my dad, brother and I have teased my mother about this mercilessly for years.  Seriously…years.  And we have all been pretty obnoxious about it.  Well…yesterday, I got my payback…

J and I were watching CNBC in the morning and a guest came on who reminded me of someone…an actor.  But I couldn’t think of his name.  I tried…but nothing. 

Me:  That guy reminds me of someone…an actor…doesn’t he?
J: Which actor?
Me: You know…that tall one…
J: Really?  Come on now…use your words.
Me: You know…the tall one and his kids have the funny names.
J: You’re joking, right?
Me:  No, you know who I mean…the guy who was on Saturday Night Live and then Elf.
J: Will Ferrell?
Me:  YES!  Thank you!  Doesn’t he look like that guy?
J: With a description like that how could I possibly disagree?

And there you have it.  Now I can no longer tease my mother…because I am her.  I’m sure my dad and brother are going to have a field day with this one.


  1. Don’t feel bad! I can never remember actors/songs/movies/book titles/my own name either!

    My mom and I are always saying “Apple… tree.” because we are so much alike.

  2. This is where WIlzie is most awesome, because when I have brain slips like that, he just knows what I am talking about.
    Which is good, because I kind of have them a lot.

  3. You know I would be all judge-y about this but I’m actually worse than you and your mother combined. And being married to Neal is of NO help. Which kind of makes me want to put J’s number in my phone so I can text him in just these types of conversations. Also, thank you because you just gave me an idea for my post today. Related to mothers and memory loss.

  4. Ahhh the realization that you are your mother moment. I came to this acceptance a few years back when I started crying over presents at Christmas.

  5. EEEEEEP! I haven’t stopped by in a while and look at this beautiful new blog design you have got going on here! LOOOVE IT!

    OMG, I totally do the same thing. I guess we all turn into our parents at some point or other :p

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