What we’re doing today…

Last weekend, J and I went to CT and cleaned up all the leaves in the yard. It took all day, but ew did a great job.  There wasn’t a leaf in sight.  I was just a beautiful carpet of green lawn.

When we got back to CT last night, this is what we found…

Yup…the whole lawn is now covered in leaves again.  So I guess we’re going to spend the say raking leaves.  Again.

What are you doing today?


  1. A friend of ours has a lawn maintenance company and takes care of our lawn maintenance needs…though he kept putting off doing our fall clean-up and our lawn has so many leaves that you can’t see a single blade of grass.
    He finally decided yesterday that he would come this morning to do it…and then it snowed all night.

  2. Oh, Balls. That sucks. We had a similar experience with our yard, but we’re *not* spending the whole day raking again. I’ll borrow my neighbor’s rider mower and go to town. We have a giant yard, and I think one day of raking my ass off was enough.

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