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Happy Friday.

I usually love my Friday posts.  They are the easiest to write.  Most of the time I have a bunch of notes and it’s just a matter of putting them together into a post.

Except this week.  This week, I’ve got nothing.  I have no notes and I have only vague memories of wanting to take notes with no recollection of what I wanted to take notes about.  It’s very frustrating.  

So instead of talking about a bunch of stupid things…like Kim Kardashian’s fake wedding (I mean, seriously…is ANYONE surprised about that???), I decided that today I’m going to talk about the one thing that has been on my mind and bugging me all week…the aftermath of last week’s snowstorm. 

I understand that the snowstorm was a freak thing and that it was an act of nature and certainly not anyone’s fault.  No one has control over the weather.  However, what’s happened in the aftermath is completely unacceptable. 

It’s been a week and there are still a lot of people without power…especially in CT, where the number is in the hundreds of thousands.  There are some schools in the area that have been closed all week and are officially out of snow days for the year…before the winter has even started.  People have been living in their homes for days without heat and, in the cases where they get their water from a well, without water.

You would think that the power companies would have had crews out all over the place, working feverishly to get the power back on.  Well…in some cases that’s true.  Some people got their power back on within hours or by the next day.  However, in certain places in CT, Connecticut Light & Power has just started working to restore power…TODAY!  How is that alright?  What the hell were they doing all week that they are just starting today?

My girlfriend lives in northern Westchester and she had similar problems with NYS Electric & Gas.  They spent the week making excuses and giving her the runaround.  Then, on Tuesday, they told her the power at her address was back on…while she was standing in her dark house!!!  Her power didn’t come back on for another 36 hours. 

I heard on the news this morning that people in NJ are getting so fed up that they are searching down work crews and getting into fights with the people in the crews.  It’s so bad that the governor of NJ had to hold a press conference to dissuade people from taking out their frustrations on the employees who are just trying to do their jobs.

I understand that the damage was extensive and there is a lot to do.  But why is it taking so long?  Why is it acceptable that CL&P…whose nickname, by the way, is Constantly Losing Power…was allowed to wait until today to start repairs?  Why is it ok that NYSEG spent the week lying to its customers about when the power would go back on? 

If this was one isolated incident, I think we could cut the power companies some slack.  But this same thing happened after Hurricane Irene.  It happens all the time  in bad rainstorms or snowstorms and it’s unacceptable.  It’s time the power companies and the town and city governments get their shit together and become proactive instead of reactive.  Get out and cut down all the trees that are growing into and over the power lines.  Or consider burying the power lines in areas where you know trees knock out the power often.  When you know a bad storm is coming and will probably cause power problems, have crews ready to get out and start working the second the bad weather stops.  And put some kind of penalty system into place that would require the power companies to compensate their customers for each day they are without power.  Maybe if they get hit in the pocket, they will move their asses a little faster when there is a problem. 

I know this isn’t my normal, easy-breezy Friday post.  But this has been constantly on my mind this week and I felt that it was my responsibility to say something about it.  I don’t really expect that one post on my little blog is going to change the world…but you really never know.

If you are one of the people who is without power…well, then you probably aren’t reading this because you have no power.  But if you are…good luck and stay warm and I hope you get your power back on soon.  And if you are from a power company or a local government, I hope you take this message to heart and actually think about doing something…because the current situation is simply unacceptable. 

Now…for some other, happier things…

Since I’m participating in NaBloPoMo, I will be posting over the weekend so make sure you stop by! 

Also, make sure you stop by Antsy Pants…Cathy is having some auctions and a giveaway in support of Movember…a fundraising effort in support of men’s cancers.  She’s got some great stuff to be auctioned off and it’s a really good cause.

And lastly, there are going to be some big changes around here this weekend.  I’ve been working with the amazing Kayleen from Booyah’s Momma on a little redecorating and I’m so excited for you all to see the new design. 

Have a great Friday!


  1. Ok that’s just ridiculous and rude! I hope all those customers get some sort of refund…you know, for not having power OR decent service. I know that will never happen, but c’mon, those people need something!

    Huge thanks for the shout out! And the donation!! (that was huge, thanks a million, you’re entered in the giveaway!)

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