Top Five Tuesday…

I was pretty excited about Top Five Tuesday when I first had the idea.  But that was like two months ago and I’ve only done one other Top Five Tuesday post.  Like I said yesterday…I’ve been a major slacker lately.  Well…as of today, it’s back.

As promised, I’m going to tell you about my trip to Kentucky…the land of horses and bourbon.  Actually…I’m going to start telling you about my trip.  There was so much awesome crammed into the weekend that it would be impossible to fit it all into one post.  So today…I give you…

The Top Five Favorite Things That Happened in Kentucky

  1. I got to meet Hutch…easily the most awesome part.  If you’ve been coming here for a while, you are familiar with the Shana/Ally love fest.  Well, Hutch was a fantastic addition to our duo and we made a wonderful threesome.
  2. The horse racing…I’ve been going to horse races with my grandfather since I was a little girl, but I never really appreciated it.  However, taking a trip to Keeneland gave me a whole new appreciation for the sport.  The fact that we had clubhouse tickets and were able to stand right up at the rail to see the horses…and “feel the thunder” was amazing.  Oh…and it didn’t hurt that Hutch made a mortal enemy of one of the jockeys!
  3. I drank moonshine…this was a big deal for me.  You see, I grew up watching The Dukes of Hazzard and I was always intrigued by the moonshine.  Being from NY…we didn’t really have much access to moonshine.  Especially not living in the city…stills are kind of hard to keep on a fire escape.  So when Ally said she’d procured some moonshine for us to try, I was excited.  I would love to tell you that I drank it straight from the jar…in big gulps…but that would be a lie.  I could barely smell straight from the jar.  No…we mixed a tiny amount with a lot of coke…and it was yummy.  It also made my face and ears feel like they were going to burn right off.
  4. We spent the afternoon drinking wine at a vineyard…we sat at a picnic table and shared a bottle of wine and talked about a million things.  I was such a nice, relaxing afternoon…definitely one of my favorite days of the trip.
  5. I was asked to show my ID while buying champagne at Liquor Barn…I’ve been feeling really old lately.  I also wasn’t able to get my hair colored before my trip and all my grays were showing…which made it even worse.  But I felt instantly younger when the guy at Liquor Barn insisted on seeing my ID.  I happily showed it to him and it put me into a great mood for the rest of the day!

Those were some of the highlights.  Come back tomorrow to see the pictures…some of them are scandalous!  Well…one of them is, anyway.


  1. I’m so flattered! But really was just so much fun. I had no doubts the 3 of us would get along, but I was surprised at just how easy it really was! The wine picnic table outing definitely tops my list as well. Get ready for some “only in Kentucky” tomorrow :)

  2. Getting IDed is the BEST! One of these days I’m demanding I get to hang w/ you ladies. I know I missed out last Halloween, but I promise one day I will get to be with you lovelies! Sounds like a blast. I’m happy to hear you were obsessed with the Dukes too… I love them boys! Moonshine is NO joke! We were given some as a gift the night before our wedding by my dear friend’s hubby… I’m fearful to drink it… it’s probably just brown toilet water knowing him 😉 hehe. Can’t wait to read more about the trip!!! You ladies are good w/ the teasers!

  3. Y’know…chatting around a table with a bottle of wine was one of my favorite parts too. Followed closely by stalking around Churchill Downs and watching Hutch try to walk quietly down an escalator in flip flops. Bwhahahaha.

  4. I used to love Duke of Hazzard! I had such a crush on Bo 😛

  5. Oh, moonshine. When I lived in TN, it seemed like everyone had their family recipe in the cabinet. Let me tell you, Apple Pie Moonshine tastes nothing like Apple Pie, but you already know that! Haha! I’m not sure I even smelled an apple. I wish I still lived in TN, I totally would have done the drive to come hang out with you all. What a blast! I need a girls’ weekend.

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