What the hell???

I like when things happen in the correct order.  Take holidays…when stores have Christmas decorations up before Halloween, it makes me absolutely bonkers.  Or when the seasons don’t cooperate and we skip right over spring and jump into summer.  Or when an appetizer is served at the same time as a main course.  I’m far too much of a control freak to just roll with that kind of thing…so when stuff happens out of order, I go a little nuts.

Well…this weekend, mother nature decided to screw with those of us here in the northeast and she thought it would be funny to dump a bunch of snow on us…before Halloween!!!  That is not supposed to happen.  In fact, the last time it did happen was 1952…and that was only about half an inch.  I don’t know what our final total was on Sunday…but there was a lot of snow in CT.  And it was so heavy and wet that we had a ton of downed branches.  One of our trees even split in half.

This branch was right in front of the deck...and the crash it made when it fell scared the hell out of me.

This is the tree that cracked into pieces.

J’s sister’s baby shower was Saturday and since I don’t let a little snow stand in the way of a good party, I traveled to Staten Island for it.  A trip that should have taken me no more than an hour actually took two on the way there and two and a half on the way home.  Driving down the Merrit Parkway with all the downed trees was like trying to make it through an obstacle course.  I swear, I’ve never been so tense in my life!  Luckily…all turned out well and the shower was really nice.  And the drive fulfilled my need for adventure for quite some time.

Also…we never lost our power, which was great…because no power means no heat and no water…and it was 32 degrees outside.  Unfortunately, the rest of my family was not so lucky.  My brother and Marisa lost power…even though half of their building was ok, their half had no power.  So they are staying with Marisa’s grandparents.  And my parents have been told that they might not get their power back on for a week!  So they are staying at my cousin’s with my grandfather and their dog.  It’s not ideal and my mom and cousin are sleeping on the couches…but at least they have heat!!!

Now…for some other news…

So…you may have noticed that I’ve been a blogging slacker for a while.  For my disappearance last week, I’m using the excuse that I was in Kentucky for a weekend of wine fun with Ally and Hutch.  But it hasn’t just been the past week.  I’ve been slacking in general lately and I don’t know the last time I got in a full week of posts.  Life…and more specifically, work…has been really busy lately and I’ve been mentally drained by the time I get home at night.  It’s really hard to be interesting and/or funny when you can barely form coherent sentences.  Usually, the extent of my effort involves feeding myself and J and summoning up enough attention to watch a sitcom.

Well…that is unacceptable.  My blog is important to me and I hate that it’s been suffering.  So in an effort to recommit and get back into the habit of posting regularly, I’ve decided to participate in NaBloPoMo…or National Blog Posting Month.  What is that?  Well…basically it’s a group of people who all commit to posting on their blog daily.  It happens every month, but November is sort of a big deal and there are prizes and link-ups and all kinds of good things.  Kallay is the one who inspired me to do this…because she’s got two babies running around at home…and if she can find the time to do it, so can I.

So starting tomorrow, I will be putting up a post every single day for the entire month of November.  This is going to take a lot of planning on my part, but I think it’s doable.  I’ve also decided to make some changes around here that you’ll start seeing in the next few weeks.  It’s like a whole new blogging world over here.  I’m so excited.

I promise that my first few posts will be about my trip to Kentucky.  It was a fantastic weekend and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

But first, you tell me…did you get this insane snow this weekend?  What did you think of an October blizzard?  Anyone else participating in NaBloPoMo?


  1. I got really annoyed when I went to Michael’s the other day looking for Halloween/Fall stuff and there were rows of Christmas decor. It got much colder this weekend here but no snow, thank goodness.

  2. There were Christmas decorations and trees out at Sears two weekends ago! That’s mid-October and there were Christmas decorations up already. It just made me so mad. I mean, can we at least get past Halloween first? I wanted to knock over every one of those Christmas trees and stomp on the decorations.

    And the snow on Saturday…it both enraged and saddened me at the same time. Seriously, if I could punch Mother Nature, I would. Snow in October is simply unacceptable! And it’s not a very good sign. I’m worried about this winter. I’m scared it’s gonna be a bad one.

  3. Been meaning to call you to see how you weathered the storm, but I see you did alright. We lost power at 4:00 on Saturday and they are saying many many days before it’s restored. Halloween will be pretty much a bust for Max I’m guessing. Not sure who will be giving out candy in our neighborhood. No school today and who knows for the rest of the week. And once again I ask myself…why did I leave CA?

  4. No snow (that would have been really weird considering we’re in Florida) but it WAS the first Pumpkin Party in 12 years to have awesome weather. Usually we’re sweltering and this year it was actually chilly! I’m sorry y’all got hit with an early snow but I’m hugely thankful for our lingering cold snap!

  5. I’ve been seeing all these crazy tree pictures on Facebook, while we’re having earthquakes. I think Mother Nature’s gone crazy again!

    Good for you for committing to a full month! I’m hoping to come back Be Awesome Instead for one day a week and even that scares me.

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