Can someone please explain???

This morning I’d like to discuss one of life’s mysteries…why does rainy weather always mean there will be traffic on the roads?

I’m not talking about horrible downpours causing flooding and road closures.  I’m not talking about people skidding from the rain and getting into accidents.  When those things happen, traffic is completely understandable. 

What I’m talking about is that the mere fact that it is raining seems to be cause for traffic.  My normally 45 minute long bus ride this morning took 1 1/2 hours and the only issue along the way is that it was raining.  Not even raining really…drizzling. 

It’s almost as if people who are normally decent drivers see the rain and completely forget what they are supposed to do and slow their car down to a crawl.  I understand that you should drive more slowly and cautiously in the rain…but we were literally going 10 miles per hour down the highway.  That seems like overkill in the caution department to me.

Someone must have done a study on this at some point.  What causes this?  Anyone have any ideas? 

And these are the things that keep me up at night!


  1. I’ve often noticed–living in a college town and having to drive through campus to get to my office–that rainy days meant more traffic and decided it was all the kids who would normally walk or bike clogging the roads to avoid getting wet.

    Could it be something similar in NYC, I wonder?

  2. Oy. I have no idea. As much as I want to think we have some of the best drivers in the world, the rain seems to make everyone do really stupid things.

    Morning commutes that start off that way are always the worst. I heard a fight break out on the path this morning b/c some woman politely asked the guy to turn down his music. But seriously?! It’s barely 8:30 and we don’t all want to hear your rap. He had such an attitude with her and asked her to move but I swear he was on the other side of the car and I heard it. Wah.

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