In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving (which was yesterday) I decided to do a Gratituesday list and share what is making me happy and thankful this week…

  1. Carson Kressley…His dances on Dancing With The Stars this season just make me so happy.  He’s not the best dancer, but he’s clearly having so much fun that I can’t help but have fun just watching him. 
  2. My new earrings…I’ve been coveting these earrings from J. Crew and they were sold out online.  I was so sad…but on Saturday I went into a J. Crew store and they had one pair left.  I love when that happens…and getting pretty new jewelry is always fabulous.
  3. My trip…I leave in ten days to visit Allyson in Kentucky.  Can’t wait.  We are going to a UK game and spending a day at the horse races.  There has also been talk of moonshine.  And the best part…Hutch is coming too!  I’m so excited…I can hardly wait. 
  4. Ear plugs…My ears have been bothering me for the last week or so…they are irritated from the earplugs I wear to drown out J’s snoring.  But today I did a little research and found a website called  I was able to order a variety pack of earplugs meant to solve the exact problem I’m having.  I hope they arrive soon.  Sleeping through the night and waking up without irritated ears is always nice.
  5. Pinterest…This is my new obsession.  I love it.  I spent the better part of the weekend pinning and searching.  I can’t wait to start all my crafting projects.  Discovering so many new projects and ideas is so much fun!
  6. Wicked…I just bought three tickets…and on November 15th my mom, sister-in-law and I are going to see Wicked.  I’ve been dying to see it for years and I’m so happy I finally bought the tickets.  This also lets me cross another item off my 101 list…which is just fantastic.
  7. Gift cards…I’ve had several sitting in my wallet for a long time.  This weekend I used them up…buying a new dress, my new earrings, my tickets to Wicked and a pair of shoes.  I love being able to go shopping without having to spend any actual money.  And the best part…I still have one left so I get to shop some more!
  8. Puppy love…I was home alone with the dogs last night and they both snuggled up with me when we went to bed.  I got lots of dog love and kisses and affection.  It was all kinds of wonderful.
  9. Groupon…Lately I’ve gotten all sorts of good deals from Groupon.  So I’ve gotten to do and buy things that I really needed…and I still got to save money.  I love it.
  10. Unexpected time…This morning the bus got into a little fender bender when some idiot cut us off.  No one was hurt luckily…but we had to wait for the cops to come and it took forever.  So I got an extra 45 minutes of reading and chatting with my bus friends before I had to come to the office.  Having some extra down time in the morning before what is sure to be a hectic and crazy day is always fabulous. 

So tell me…what are you grateful for this week?


  1. You gals are going to have SO much fun in Kentucky… If I wasn’t getting married that weekend I might think about crashing your party 😉 For the great company of course, not the moonshine…

    I am thankful for all I have – lots of friendship and support. Getting married really sheds light on all that love you more than you ever thought possible.

    I’m also thankful for coffee… sleeping has not been my strong suit the past few weeks.

  2. p.s. I want to see the crew earrings! I’ve become obsessed with them ever since I purchased a pair to wear for my big day.

  3. I am so excited for you to see WIcked! I just wish I was going with you.
    Not Kentucky though…I have no interest in that at all…sounds awful*.
    *This is how I deal

  4. I am SOOOOO excited! Though I am a bit worried about the packing situation, I’m glad I have an excuse to go shopping this weekend :)

    And I’m with Kelly, I want to see the earrings!

  5. I don’t watch DWTS very often, but I’ve seen his dances and he’s such a doll. He really does light up a room.

    Love jewelry! Love J. Crew! We need to see the earrings.

    I’m jealous that you get to see Ally again! I haven’t even met her once! No fair!

    Oh, Pinterest. How we adore thee.

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