Top Five Tuesday…

Can you believe it’s already October???  This year is really flying by…I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone.  I’m actually really happy that it’s fall…my favorite time of year.  I took all my sweaters out of storage over the weekend and I am wearing the season’s first pair of tights today!  I also heard that Dunkin’ Donuts has their pumpkin donuts out.  So many reasons to love the fall. 

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all the chicks at From The Sidelines are making it our business to raise awareness and remind you to check your boobies.  Cathy even made us this fabulous little badge to help us…

Therefore…today I give you the Top Five Ways to Check Your Boobies

  1. Feel yourself up…Ladies, this is one situation where touching yourself inappropriately is not  only socially acceptable, but highly encouraged…so get to it.  No one knows your body as well as you do, so make sure you know the warning signs and then check your girls out regularly.  If you feel anything unusual, see your doctor.
  2. Have someone else feel you up…Want to spice it up a little?  Get someone else to help you.  If your husband or boyfriend is anything like J, he is just as obsessed familiar with your boobs as you are.  Tell him what to check for and let him go to town.  No partner to check for you?  Ask that person you’ve had a crush on to help you out.  Or ask the guy who is trying to grope you on the subway if he feels anything slightly odd.  Doesn’t matter who you ask, just do it.
  3. Have a “check your boobies” get-together with your girlfriends…remember when Donna Martin, Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh were hanging out and Kelly saw the article in the magazine about breast exams and the girls decided to check themselves?  Well…it was a good thing they did because Brenda had a lump…which she caught early and, even though she missed her SATs, everything turned out just fine.  So follow Donna, Kelly and Brenda’s lead…get your friends together and check yourselves out…together. 
  4. Get a mammogram…when I hit the ripe old age of 35, my doctor suggested that I get mammogram…just to give me a baseline reference and something to compare future yearly mammograms to.  That was last October and I’m embarrassed to say that I still haven’t done it.  Don’t be like me…if your doctor sends you for a mamogram, do it.  I have made my appointment and I’m getting mine in two weeks.  Getting my boobs squeezed between two plates doesn’t really sound like much fun…but it’s necessary.
  5. Roll around on the floor…this suggestion comes to us from Mama Virgo (Allyson‘s mom), who is a doctor, so you should listen to her!  If all else fails, get on the floor and smush those babies around…if you feel like you are rolling around on a pea or a rock…get your butt to the doctor. 

I have now given you five different options for checking yourself…you no longer have an excuse for not doing it.  So go check…it’s important.


  1. I had no idea Mama Virgo was Ally’s mom. Hmmmm. All very good suggestions. And also humorous. Well done, Shana :)

  2. It is very important… and I haven’t checked myself (or had a partner do it) in quite some time now. How’s that for a pick up line, huh?

    Thanks for the reminder, hun, and cute button!

    Also, I think I vaguely remember that 90210 episode.

  3. Hmmm…usually if I am rolling around on the floor, I am far too drunk to notice much.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  4. That was a very special episode of 90210. I remember it. Good Info and reminders.

  5. I’ve never heard the roll on the floor version before! I love that! Being a bigger breasted lady, sometimes I can’t feel all the nooks and crannies. The floor idea is AWESOME! Definitely sharing this tip! Thanks, Shana!

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