Random Musings Friday…

Happy Friday!  Despite having a cold and feeling like crud, I felt like this week flew by.  I can’t believe it’s Friday already.  I’m looking forward to the weekend and finally having some fall weather.  It’s been hot and humid for the last two weeks or so, but this weekend is going to be sunny and a bit chilly and the humidity is gone…my favorite kind of weather.  I’m going home tonight and breaking out all the sweaters and tights.  I’m so excited. 

Here’s what else happened this week…

  • Since we are talking about cooler weather, this is probably a little late, but what is it with women wearing sandals when they have gross feet?  I don’t even wear sandals if my toe polish is chipped…but I see women with gross, uncut toenails or deformed toes from years of wearing too-tight shoes and they have no problem flaunting their gross feet in sandals and flip-flops.  Seriously ladies…if your feet are gross, cover them up.  We don’t all want to see your hammer toes.  Sorry…was that too judgemental? 
  • The other day I was driving along and listening to Sirius radio…my favorite part of the new car!…and Forget You by Cee Lo Green came on.  I love that song and I was singing and bopping my head along with the music.  The next song was Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5…and by the time that song came on I was full on dancing in my seat.  Let me tell you…I definitely had the moves like Jagger.  It was nighttime and I was on the highway so I wasn’t really worried about anyone being able to see me…until I got off the highway and was at a stop light…and I realized the people in the car next to me were staring at me.  God knows…they probably thought I was having a seizure.  I immediately stopped dancing and prayed for the light to turn green so I could drive away.  It took forever…the longest light ever!
  • J was off on Thursday and he wanted to take care of some things up in CT.  So he decided to take the dogs and head up there on Wednesday night.  I was completely alone in the house for the first time ever.  No J, no dogs…just me…all alone.  At first I was happy for the lack of responsibility and the extra 20 minutes I’d get to sleep in the morning since I didn’t have to feed or walk the dogs.  But I’m not used to be all alone.  The dogs are with me all the time, even when J isn’t.  So when I got into bed and I was able to stretch out without running into a dog…it was strange.  When I turned off the TV and the lights and the house was silent and dark…I got really lonely.  I ended up sleeping with the TV on, even though J wasn’t there making me leave it on. And when I got out of the shower the next morning I actually expected to see Sadie laying on the floor outside the door…but she wasn’t there.  I was so happy when I came home from work yesterday to find the house loud and messy and J and the dogs back.  And even though Sadie decided to lay on my pillow last night right after we gave her a bath and they both ran around making everything soaking wet…I was still so glad to have them home.
  • I was trying on new sunglasses in a store and I had a flashback to riding the bus in high school and a conversation a friend and I had about sunglasses.  It was winter and I’d gotten on the bus wearing sunglasses.  My friend was all shocked and said “I can’t believe  you are wearing sunglasses in the WINTER!”, like I’d lost my mind.  Apparently, in her mind, sunglasses were a summer only accessory.  I remember thinking at the time…geez, she’s right…what am I doing wearing these sunglasses….and I took them off.  But now it occurs to me…yes, it was winter…but it was still sunny!  It’s not like I was wearing sunglasses in the middle of a blizzard.  I guess I’m sharing that story because it’s amusing to me how the mind of a teenage girl works. 

That’s it for this week.  I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I dance around just about everywhere. Its a problem.
    And thanks, now I am going to have “Moves Like Jagger” in my head all weekend

  2. That moves like Jagger song makes me seat dance ALL THE TIME! It’s just so darn catchy :)

    Awww, I know what you mean about an empty house, especially when you are so accustomed to having it filled with human and pet friends. But I’m happy to hear you had a nice reunion. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

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